Wendy's Frankton sets world record in sales

20:02, Jul 24 2013

Hamilton, give yourselves a pat on your grease-stained backs.

We are officially number one when it comes to Wendy's burger sales with our love for the deep-fried helping the fast food chain set a world record.

The company opened in Frankton less than a fortnight ago  and did the most sales in its first week of any Wendy's anywhere in the world.

Wendy's CEO Danielle Lendich said the store served more than 10,000 customers in its first week and broke the hourly sales record by $300, the daily record by $6,000 and the weekly record by $12,000 - up 6.7 percent on the previous titleholder.

We ate our way through more than 20,000 burgers, 200kg of potatoes and 150kg of chili, with extra sacks of potatoes driven in on opening day to keep up with demand.

''The people of the Waikato obviously love Wendy's,'' Lendich says.

A second Wendy's is under construction and scheduled to open in Te Rapa in late November.