Three arrested over hospital car break-ins

Three people have been arrested in relation to car break-ins near Waikato Hospital.

However a nurse who was the victim of a break-in on Sunday night says the Waikato District Health Board needs to do more to make hospital staff feel secure.

The nurse, who asked not to be named, said although lighting was good in the Selwyn St car park where she and others left their vehicles, the area was shrouded with bushes, providing good cover to anyone wanting to break into vehicles.

The three men arrested on Sunday night were aged 16, 17 and 25 and from the Fairfield and Dinsdale areas.

The first of the three - the 16-year-old - was caught by hospital security staff around 7.45pm, allegedly breaking into a car in the helipad car park, with the others followed and seen allegedly breaking into cars before being caught by security guards.

In a memo to staff, security manager Dean Ria said his team would continue to work with the Hamilton police and maintain increased patrols on the hospital campus to combat the "frustrating spike in car damage and property theft".

"Security will continue to maintain patrols specifically to combat the wave of car theft crime which is currently facing the Melville area in general and the Waikato hospital campus."

It is understood around 17 break-ins had occurred near the hospital in the last two weeks, although the health board was unable to confirm this.

The nurse, who had a GPS unit and a toolbox taken from her car, said she was heartened to hear of the arrests, but the problem was a long-term one.

"I have a larger vehicle and I don't want to park it in the car park building because I can't afford the panel beating costs, because it is so difficult to manoeuvre through."

Waikato Times