Couples welcome their own special arrivals

22:47, Jul 23 2013
WAIKATO ROYAL: Rachelle Kerkhof and Nicholas Jones welcomed their own little princess on the royal baby’s birth day.

While the world is abuzz with news of a royal heir, Waikato couples are welcoming their own little princes and princesses. 

Taumarunui couple Rachelle Kerkhof and Nicholas Jones' precious baby girl shares a birthday with the little Prince of Cambridge as she entered the world just after 4pm on Monday, July 22.

She was two weeks past her due birth date.

"It's pretty cool," Miss Kerkhof said.

"I thought that's what she might have been waiting for."

Mr Jones was glad the dates coincided so well, it's one more reminder to make sure the prezzies are dished out on the right day.


"We definitely won't forget it," he said.

The newest addition to the family who, like the prince, is yet to be named, joins 18-month-old brother Cade to make a family of four.

The bouncing baby girl weighed in at a touch more than 4 kilograms (8lb 14oz) placing her as a great contender against the 3.8-kilogram (8lb 6oz) royal baby.

She is a happy healthy little girl, with a good set of lungs and the family were yesterday enjoying their stay at Waterford Birth Centre before returning home today. 

Although the new baby will be a princess in her parents' eyes, Ms Kerkhof said a future relationship with the new prince would be off the cards, unless he wanted to spend his life in Aotearoa.

"She's not allowed to move over there," she said.

She was one of many Waikato babies who shared in the glory of the royal prince. Waikato DHB spokesperson Mary Anne Gill said the birth had caused a huge buzz at the delivery suite and post natal ward at Waikato Hospital.

"All the mothers and families were all really excited about sharing a day with them," she said.

Another family to welcome a baby within minutes of the royal baby's birth was Matamata's Ariana Eian and Allan Levi.

Ariana said she probably would have paid more attention to news that Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge was in labour with her first child, had she not been on the same journey herself.

Ariana's baby girl, Eva Lorraine Levi made her grand entrance into the world at 3.17am yesterday - just minutes before the new Prince of Cambridge was welcomed into the world at 3.24am NZT (4.24pm UK time on Monday).

But weighing in at just over 3 kilograms (7lb 1oz), Eva was a little lighter than the yet to be named royal baby who weighed 3.8 kilograms (8lb 6oz).

Eva is the first child of Ariana and Allan Levi.

Ms Eian found out she was pregnant around the same time as the duchess and said there was one strong similarity between the two pregnancies.

"I had pretty bad morning sickness in the early stages as well and kept watching the TV and thinking maybe I should go to the hospital too," she said.

When asked how they felt about their daughter being born at the same time as the royal baby, both Allan and Ariana agreed that it was special, but for now they wanted to enjoy each new day of parenthood as it came.

"We couldn't imagine looking out our window and having people with cameras everywhere wanting to see our baby," Ms Eian said.

"She's our little princess."

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