Smash, bash, crash and trash is the aim of the game at Waiuku demolition derby

Nick Speedy will be competing in his Mitsubishi Diamante during this weekend's event.

Nick Speedy will be competing in his Mitsubishi Diamante during this weekend's event.

Smash, bash, crash and trash - that is the aim of the game for the demolition derby  being held in Waiuku this weekend. 

The inaugural Waiuku Dirt Track Club Demolition Derby will see up to 40 cars go head to head in a free for all automotive brawl - the last one standing wins $1000.  

Waiuku Dirt Track Club vice president Nick Speedy said the sport gave people a chance to have some light-hearted competition that also provided a lot of fun. 

"[The derby] gives you the chance to go out and have a bit of a tango with your mates that you usually race against in a non contact [environment]."

The rules are simple - crash into your opponents in order to disable their car, keep smashing cars until you are the last competitor left, and no deliberate contact with the drivers doors. 

If you can't get your car going again, or you remain still for longer than a minute, you are eliminated. 

Speedy, who has been a member of club for 30 years, said the atmosphere is what kept him coming back to the dirt and motivated him to do more with the club. 

"[I enjoy the] family [environment] ... on a normal day, the pits are just chokka."

The field will be made up of a wide range of saloon cars, such as Mitsubishi Diamantes, Ford Lasers, Holden Commodores and more. 

Most of the demolition cars can be picked up for as little as $300, however, upon purchasing, you are unable to touch any of the mechanical features of the car. 

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The only modification you are allowed to make are harness bar, side intrusion protection, remove any glass, doors welded shut and a debris shield in place of the front windscreen. 

The event will see three jalopy races, which are a series of minor contact races, stock car races and the main attraction, the derby.

After the derby has finished, and the majority of the cars are destroyed, competitors can "take their harnesses out and walk away". SJ Metals will take care of the rest by transporting the dead cars to the recyclers. 

The derby costs $10 to enter as a spectator, and $65 to enter as a competitor. 

Gates open Sunday at 10am and the dirt flies at 1pm.




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