Glen Afton novelty sheep shear contest a "hard case" event

Competitors will be up against the clock this weekend as they shear sheep, eat a pie and drink a pint during the Novelty Sheep Shear contest.

The contest,  at Glen Afton Citizens' and Sports Club on Saturday at 7:30pm is open to teams of four. 

One team member controls the grinder to power the manual shearing system and the other shears the sheep.

The third team member has to eat a lukewarm pie and the fourth  drinks a pint of beer through a straw.

Club treasurer Tracey Holmes said the event was quite "hard case" but enjoyable for both competitors and spectators.  

It's proven to be anyone's game in the past as some of entrants who have consumed the pie and beer the fastest had been women, she said.

"It's quite a fun night, we've get together some good spot prizes."

The competition, which has been running for about a decade, attracted plenty of locals, she said, with most being about 100. 

Last year's winning team was The Fookers​ with a time of 1 minute and 36 seconds.

Roly Burnett, who runs the annual pig hunting competition, had to bow out of organising this year's event, leaving it to the committee.

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Holmes said it's been an "eye opener" to how much work was involved.

"He's quite instrumental to the event."

The sheep come from a local farmer and any sheep not used by teams will be for the men's and women's speed shear. 

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