Afghan interpreter overwhelmed by support

00:45, Aug 30 2013
Interpreter Raza Khadim
WORK WANTED: Former interpreter Raza Khadim wants to support his wife, Razia, but he’s told by potential employers that he’s ‘‘not local’’ enough.

An Afghan refugee who is struggling to land a job in New Zealand is overwhelmed with the support he has received.

Raza Khadim has been inundated with job offers after his plight was reported by the Waikato Times.

Mr Khadim said it was great to know there were people out there that cared.

''Now I realise that there are people who think about other things rather than just business and profit. Some people care about people,'' he said.

Mr Khadim has spent the day calling back people who have emailed him with job offers and hopes to have sorted out a job soon.

''I've talked to six people so far and they were all very nice to me.''

But once again, Mr Khadim is putting others first.

''I hope I get a  job, but it doesn't have to be me. If just one of us gets a job from this, I'll be happy.''