Hamilton Zoo tiger swaps home

02:05, Nov 27 2013
Oz will be moved to the Hamilton zoo to be paired with a female tiger.

Auckland and Hamilton zoos will pull a striped switcheroo tomorrow.

Male Sumatran tigers Oz and Jaka will travel in opposite directions down State Highway 1 to swap homes in a bid to help further the international breeding programme for the critically-endangered big cat.

The key move is for nine-year-old Oz - who relocated from Tel Aviv to Auckland in 2006 and fathered Auckland Zoo's first tiger cubs in 2008 - to Hamilton Zoo to be paired up with five-year-old Sali.

jaka tiger
Jaka will be moved to the Auckland zoo this afternoon.

Due to poaching, loss of rainforest habitat from illegal logging and expansion of the palm oil industry there are now fewer than 400 Sumatran tigers remaining in the wild.

Zoos throughout Australasia, America, Europe, Japan and Indonesia are working together to manage an insurance population of Sumatran tigers - currently around 300 animals.

Both Oz and Jaka have been trained to walk into custom-built crates for their respective 90-minute road trips.


The day-long operation will see Oz transported to Hamilton Zoo late morning, with Auckland Zoo keepers returning with Jaka in the afternoon. 

Hamilton Zoo curator Samantha Kudeweh said staff were very excited about their first opportunity to contribute to the conservation effort.

"Sali is a very popular tiger with all who get to know her. She is a lovely playful young female, and we're very hopeful that she'll prove to be a good mother," says Mrs Kudeweh

Auckland Zoo's carnivore team leader Bruce Murdock said the move was a great team effort for a species that urgently needs all the help it can get.

Following his quarantine at Auckland Zoo, Jaka will be on public display around Christmas, he said.

Kudeweh said Oz will be on public display within a few days of his arrival, and breeding plans will progress slowly throughout 2014, and be led by the behaviour of both tigers.

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