Merry Christmas Waikato, hope you like rain

There is one thing you can bank on getting in the remaining twelve days of Christmas - rain.

Metservice's ten day forecast, which goes through to Christmas day, shows fine days are going to be few and far between.

For most parts of the country, Metservice predicts rain or showers almost every day, and Tauranga seems set to be the only place in the country with a spot of sun on Christmas Day.

In the Waikato, pencil in December 20 - the only fine day predicted for the region. On every other day, it is set to be rainy, with temperatures in the early twenties.

In Auckland, only two of the next 10 days are set to be fine.

Otherwise, the super city is set for constant showers or rain, and temperatures in the early twenties.

Tauranga fares better.

With temperatures around the early-to-mid twenties, three of the next ten days will be fine.

For New Plymouth, the weather outlook leading to Christmas is also grey.

The forecast predicts rain for nine out of the 10 days, with temperatures just hitting 20 degrees.

Palmerston North is set for rain every day until Christmas, with temperatures just getting over 20 degrees.

In the capital, temperatures barely reach the 20 degree mark, and the only fine day in sight is this Wednesday.

Rain is forecast for 7 of the ten days.

Moving to the South Island, the forecast is much of the same for fine days, but colder.

On the West Coast, December 20 is the only day without rain.

Rain is forecast almost every day to Christmas for Christchurch, with the only day of reprieve on December 20, which will still be cloudy.

Dunedin has a slight improvement on Christchurch's lot, with the potential for a bit of sun on December 19. Otherwise, rain is expected every day, bar one cloudy day on December 20.


But Metservice meteorologist Dan Corbett's predictions are a bit sunnier.


"We've got a few fronts that flick through this week, troughs that work up the country, so there'll be some wet weather," Corbett said.


"People always need to plan for a few showers, but at this stage, it doesn't look like it's going to be ten days of rain type of thing."


Because the forecasts beyond six days are computer modelled, they can change day-to-day, he said.


"Earlier next week is not that bad, we just have to watch a few little fronts, that might just give us a few little niggly bits of rain around the edges."



The exact details of weather early next week are still at the edge of the radar screen but there are no "big ugly storms" on the horizon, he said.