Hamilton Christmas lights flashing to Avicii, Katy Perry

22:42, Dec 17 2013
Christmas lights
Flashlight: Mohis Chand, 17, spent hours programming the Christmas lights at his Baverstock Road house to change in sync with music.

The light display down Baverstock Road isn't one to just drive by - it's worth stopping the car and rolling down the windows.

Because those flashing Christmas lights are synced to a series of songs, and a 17-year-old is behind it all.

Mohis Chand, a Hamilton Boys' High School student, put hours into programming the lights to a set of eight songs - including Hey Brother by Avicii, Katy's Perry's Roar, and Everybody by Justice Crew.




Each song required around four hours' work, which he fitted into his free time.

"It took me around two weeks for the total eight," he said. And seeing it all come together was a proud moment.

"[Programming] is not really the same as actually watching it live," he said.

"Once you program it, it's a bit different when you go out and see it, you get really amazed."

Strings of lights on the fence and sections of the house flash in time to the beat - pink, green, yellow - with a Christmas star atop the roof periodically illuminated for emphasis.



Mohis' school friends think it's pretty cool - "pretty amazed by it" - but he's not sure if his IT and technology teachers even know about the extracurricular end-of-year project he initiated.

"I was interested in Christmas lights and I was just looking at international houses around the world... and I sort of got the idea and I started researching it," he said.

Mohis' father Ramesh wasn't hard to convince when his son came to him with a suggestion to add a little extra to their Christmas display.

"I said 'okay, do it'."

And it has generated plenty of interest."All evening, people just keep driving [past] and sometimes they stop and listen to the music," said Mr Chand.

The display is also second most popular on the Light Up Christmas site with 985 "Xmas loves".

The site aims to provide a comprehensive listing of displays throughout New Zealand.Mohis' display is only pipped in the popularity stakes by another light and music sync in Karaka, south-west of Papakura.

To check out displays around New Zealand, or give Mohis' display more Christmas love, visit lightupchristmas.co.nz

The sound and light display can be seen for real at 133 Baverstock Road, Rotokauri, until January.