Band of busking brothers

03:37, Dec 20 2013

As a child did you ever dream of picking up a guitar and forming a band with your brothers?

Laurence (12) Sam (10) and Nate (7) Frangos-Rhodes are living your dream.

The band of brothers from Tauwhare formed Rhode Workz a year ago and have been gigging around the Waikato ever since.

Hamilton folks may recognise the boys from their semi-regular performances at the Hamilton Farmers' Market, where the band, helped by mum Tracy and roadie/dad Bruce, sing a mix of their favourite rock, celtic and bluegrass music.

The brothers are home-schooled and Mr Frangos-Rhodes says he hopes they carry on their love of music into adulthood.

But, like most children their age, it's a constant battle to get them to do any homework - even of the musical variety.

"The probably should practise a bit more," he says.

"But they are always having fun and that's what counts."