Naughty nighties among online Christmas rejects

21:15, Dec 27 2013

Cast-off cellphones, undesired naughty nighties and even a set of unloved fridge magnets - the bargains are all there on Trade Me as Waikato people unload unwanted gifts.

Trade Me spokesman Paul Ford said more than 200,000 searches for unwanted gifts were logged on Boxing Day last year.

It is estimated two-thirds of people receive at least one gift they don't want to keep.

"It's become a Kiwi tradition to check what is up for grabs on Trade Me on Boxing Day - a gift that missed the mark for someone elsewhere in the country could be that bargain you've been looking for," he said.

Ghosts of Christmas just past appearing when the Waikato Times searched for "unwanted gift" in the Waikato section of the online auction site included kitchen implements, lingerie (size 16), a set of "cute piggy fridge magnets" and a brand new Samsung Galaxy cellphone.

Mr Ford said the most likely unwanted gifts to emerge on the site over Boxing Day and beyond included routine rejects such as perfume, socks, soap sets, overly enthusiastic lingerie, household gadgets, fitness equipment, power tools, jewellery and house plants.


"A recent survey out of the UK named onesie jumpsuits as the most undesirable gift, closely followed by weight-loss DVDs.

"Both options would be asking for trouble on Christmas Day.

"But we'd be surprised if these items were on many sensible buyers' Christmas lists," he said.

Another item that frequently re-emerged on Boxing Day was the unloved tech-related accessory, Mr Ford said.

Waikato Times