Shock, then fish and chips for Taupo's Lotto winning couple

01:19, Dec 31 2013

A winning Christmas present from a relative has turned a Taupo couple into millionaires. 

The pair found a Lotto ticket they received as a gift won them $1 million over the weekend. 

The winners had three tickets to check after the draw on Saturday night, two which they had bought themselves as well as one a relative in Tauranga has sent as a Christmas gift. 

"I'd been having a pretty bad day, so decided to sit down on Sunday evening and check our tickets in the hopes that might make the day a little brighter,'' one of the winners said.

 "I checked the two we'd bought first - no luck. Then I checked the ticket a relative sent us for Christmas. When I realised we had all the numbers I gasped and checked the line again... and again, and again. Then ran outside to find my husband.

"Neither of us could believe it - a million dollars! We were a bag of nerves for the rest of the evening.

"Since we couldn't think straight we knew cooking dinner wasn't an option - so we celebrated the win with fish 'n chips!"

The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, said they would be travelling to Tauranga over the New Year period to break the news of the win. They hadn't yet made a decision over exactly how to spend the winnings but said they would make sure some of it found its way back to the generous gift giver.