Summer sunshine, it won't last

Grab your jandals for today but pack a brolly for tomorrow because the weekend weather will be a mixed bag.

An active spring-like front brought gales and heavy rain to central New Zealand yesterday but MetService meteorologist Ian Gall said it would sweep through the Waikato overnight and by morning a fine day was expected.

"I would think that by the time people wake up it is probably going to be a pretty good day with fine spells, bits and pieces of cloud and some sunny patches and northwesterly winds."

The front brought contrasts in the weather across the country, including more than 300mm of rain in the Westland ranges, wind gusts up to 140kmh in the hills surrounding Wellington and 28 degree Celsius weather and warm winds on the East Coast.

The front weakened as it headed north across Waikato and swept through quickly, to leave typical summer weather for the region today, Mr Gall said.

The blustery winds should die down to around 30kmh as the weekend goes on but another front tomorrow is due to bring rain, including heavy falls.

"There could be some rain starting up and there could be some brief heavy falls with that, and then late in the day the northeasterlies should turn around to southwest and the rain should clear."

Waikato Times