Hummingbird set to fly over Waikato

18:58, Jan 09 2014
Balloons Over Waikato 2014, Hummingbird balloon
COLOURFUL: The Hummingbird hot air balloon.

They're famous for the rate at which their wings flap and for their tiny physique, but the hummingbird that will fly over Hamilton this year is no tiny creature.

Balloons over Waikato have announced that the Resene Colourful Hummingbird would be joining the masses of balloons in the sky at the festival in March.

The Hummingbird is 3468.8 cubic metres, which is 225 times larger than a real hummingbird.

Many people in the United States, where the balloon was created, believe that loved ones who have died send messages or signs to them through hummingbirds. The balloon is affectionately known as Jewel by the owner in honour of a close friend whose husband began the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Resene Colourful Hummingbird is brand new and its visit to New Zealand will be its first trip out of the US.

The owners of the Resene Colourful Hummingbird also brought the Resene Butterfly to the event in 2013. 


Waikato Times