Crayfish fraudster back in Hamilton

19:51, Jan 15 2014

Seafood lovers be warned - a prolific fraudster masquerading as a fish monger has returned to Hamilton.

The man has over 250 previous fraud convictions and is continuing to offend, Senior Sergeant Rupert Friend, of Hamilton Police, said.

The fishy fraudster's normal mode of operation is to offer members of the public seafood.

He takes the money on the spot promising to return with the goods when the boat gets in, but the victims never see him or their cash again.

Crayfish is commonly used as bait to fool people.

He often targets commercial and retail premises claiming that it has been prearranged with a staff member who is not currently there.

Police warn people to be alert to scams such as these and to never hand money to a person you don't know, especially on a promise that they will come back. 

Mr Friend said police strongly believe there are further victims and asks them to report the incident to the nearest police station or phone 07 858-6200.