Brave Jennifer's miracle slips from her grasp

The miracle brave Hamilton mum Jennifer Doolabh was praying for is slipping from her grasp.

Mrs Doolabh, who gave birth to son Matthias on December 23 despite battling cancer, has been told the disease has spread to her spine and internal organs and to prepare for the worst.

She had stopped cancer treatment when she found out she was pregnant to save her son's life.

In a heartbreaking post on her Facebook page My Name is Jennifer and I Have Breast Cancer she wrote:

"After talking with the DR this avo the cancer is really bad. In less then 6 weeks since my last CT scan cancer is in two places in my spine and has already collapsed one of the bones in the spine and starting to effect the rest its sitting next to my spinal cord and will be a matter of time before it paralyzes me.

"Looking at the scan today I have hundreds of tumors and they are growing very fast we asked for a copy of scan to show everyone how bad it really is we are trying to fight a losing battle. I think the Doctors are talking about making me comfortable as possible now I started Radiation for the pain today."

But the defiant mother-of-three is still determined to beat the spreading cancer and will now turn to alternative treatments and therapies in a bid to buy as much time with her beloved whanau as possible.

A national fundraising drive has been set up via Givalittle* to raise the much-needed money that Mrs Doolabh desperately needs to keep her fight going.

A silent auction in Hamilton is also planned.

* The Waikato Times would like to assure readers this fundraising campaign is genuine and all money raised will go directly to Jennifer and her family.