Jandal scandal threatens Hamilton seller

01:12, Jan 23 2014
Lastseason director Jeremy Mould
FOOTWEAR FIASCO: Lastseason.co.nz director Jeremy Mould has been told to stop calling flip-flops ‘‘jandals’’.

The flip-flop fiasco has taken a nasty turn this morning as a case of mistaken identity has led to an unrelated company batting off complaints from jandal loving kiwis this morning. 

The furore comes after Hamilton based online retailer Lastseason.co.nz was served with a letter requesting that they refrain from using the term jandal to advertise footwear on their site as they were breaching a trademark. 

The letter came from Baron Sandford, of Sandford Industries Ltd - not to be confused with Sandford Industries (2010) Ltd. 

Sandford Industries (2010) Ltd Trades under the name Sandford Industries as they purchased the business from Baron Sandford in January 2011, however Mr Sandford is still listed as a director of Sandford Industries Ltd on the companies register.

It is understood that Mr Sandford trades under Gentex (NZ) Ltd and manufactures then sells jandals through the website www.jongs.co.nz. Sandford Industries (2010) Ltd is based in Christchurch and sells Commando Gumboots and Commando M shoes. 

Director Kris Webster said they had no problem with anyone using the term jandal.


 "As far as we're concerned, it's a generic term for all kiwi's to use," he said.

Lastseason.co.nz Hamilton-based director Chris Atkins said the feedback they had received about the saga had been massive and all very positive toward them. 

"Everyone is saying it's a New Zealand word for New Zealanders to use and that it is ridiculous that someone is making money off it."

The post on their facebook page had received 211 comments. 

"People are really passionate about their jandals." Mr Atkins said they still had around 7000 pairs of flip-flops to move and the site is now running a "Not Jandals" deal. 

He said they were hoping to do another promotion with Paw Justice, where they donate $2 from the sale of every pair of thongs sold to the charity. 

"It's nice to give Paw Justice something because it's an awesome cause."

Meanwhile another retailer has come forward and offered some advice to anyone trying to battle the Jandal war. 

Dan Herbison, director of Chandals.co.nz said they were also faced with the problem when starting their company, so they simply side-stepped the word. 

"We have been aware of the word 'jandals' being trademarked and not available for commercial use in New Zealand since we floated the idea of starting our own brand 2 years ago," he said.

"Other retailers should know this had they looked into it.  What do you do? Find your way around it and stamp your place in the market."

Mr Herbison said although they had trademarked the term Chandals, they were happy for anyone to adopt the slang.

"We dream for the word 'Chandals' to be the everyday word for flip flops in New Zealand. Yes we have trademarked 'Chandals' but our brand IS New Zealand's brand therefore New Zealanders can use the term 'Chandals' at their will." 

Waikato Times