Tower topples at Parachute festival site

03:30, Jan 23 2014
Parachute Musical Festival, tower crash
CRASH: The tower buckled under the weight of a speaker.

A scaffolding tower has given way at Mystery Creek, causing a large speaker at the Parachute Christian music festival site to crash down.

The tower, erected stage left of the mainstage, buckled under the weight of speakers after they were hoisted into position by a crane.

Site manager Kirit Makan said nobody was hurt.

''One of the parts of the scaffolding frame was just bent up,'' he said.

''It just brought the speaker array down.''

''Now we are looking at building a new tower with new scaffolding."

Mr Makan did not expect the accident to delay the opening of  the festival at at 6pm Friday.

Mr Makan could not say how many speaker arrays would normally be attached to the scaffolding, but it would be somewhere in the order of a dozen.

In 2013 Great North bassist Rachel Donnell suffered head injuries at the festival when a chandelier made from glass bottles came crashing out of a tree.