Armed offenders callout in Waihi

20:05, Jan 23 2014
Waihi aos callout
Armed Offenders Squad arrested a 37-year-old man this morning in Waihi.

A 37-year-old man was arrested by the Armed Offenders Squad in Waihi this morning, but police are staying tight-lipped about the operation.

The man was arrested by armed police at a Barry Rd house about 6:30am this morning.

A photo sent to the Times by a neighbour showed the man, who appeared to be bald and wearing a black singlet, surrounded by five armed officers.

''We've got the male we're after but we're not releasing any details at this stage,'' Sergeant Aaron Fraser said.

All he could say was that there were ''serious threats made'' and the house was being searched. ''That's all I can divulge,'' he said. ''We're just in the middle of searching.''

A neighbour said she heard the Armed Offenders Squad calling for a man to come out of the house over a loudspeaker about 6am. She said it appeared that the man gave himself up.