School's in for 1000 Waikato newbies

20:23, Feb 02 2014
Quinlen Dixon
School year starts: Quinlen Dixon can’t wait for his first day at school this Friday but his mother Rachel isn’t so keen to see her ‘‘baby’’ off at the school gate.

Quinlen Dixon is counting down the number of sleeps to when he joins the "big kids" at primary school.

Close to 1000 Waikato children will strap on their new backpacks and walk into classrooms for the first time this week.

Quinlen, 5, is starting at Rotokauri School, on the outskirts of Hamilton, on Friday morning.

"He's been amping to go to school for a long time," mum Rachel Dixon, 30, said.

"He quite often wakes up asking how many more sleeps it is."

If he had his way, Quinlen would go to school dressed in one of the many superhero costumes he has.


But he'll most likely have to settle for his Spiderman bag, lunchbox and drink bottle.

"He's a superhero boy.

"He has every superhero costume you can think of and I think he's going to find it hard not to wear them to school every day."

His older siblings Seth, 8, and Summa, 10, also attend Rotokauri School and Quinlen can't wait to join them.

He attended Frankton Christian Kindergarten and can already write his name, count to 20 and point out larger numbers on speed signs.

He's also quite the artist.

Ms Dixon said it was going to be hard seeing off her youngest child at the school gate on Friday.

"I'm trying not to think about it too much. He's my baby. It's just been me and him at home since he was two so it's a tough one. It will be much harder on me that it will be on him."

About 75,000 students, from year 1-13, are heading to Waikato schools for term one, which started on January 27 for some while for others it starts either this week or next week.

Police have asked motorists to be mindful of the extra pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles on the roads.