Stark decision by police no surprise - Macpherson

02:29, Feb 04 2014
Dave Macpherson
Dave Macpherson says he's not surprised by the police's decision not to prosecute Hamilton businessman Ray Stark.

Senior city councillor Dave Macpherson says he is not surprised by a police decision not to prosecute Hamilton businessman Ray Stark for allegedly breaching the Local Electoral Act.

Mr Macpherson has not ruled out seeking legal advice after police opted not to take action against Mr Stark for endorsements he made during last year's local government elections.

Mr Stark, who bankrolled the Concerned Citizen website, ran a television advert asking viewers to go to his website to see who he wanted them to vote for.

Ray Stark

Mr Macpherson, who campaigned for the Hamilton mayoralty, said Mr Stark's campaign amounted to unauthorised third-party advertising.

Mr Stark endorsed Hamilton mayor Julie Hardaker.

Hamilton electoral officer Jude Pani reported the alleged offence to police.


Mr Macpherson has requested a copy of the police decision and did not rule out taking his complaint further.

Mr Macpherson believed Mr Stark had operated outside the Local Electoral Act but wasn't surprised by the police stance. "I think police are averse to taking any action in the political area yet the courts have shown them to be wrong . . . such as with John Banks and Trevor Mallard.

"I'm not a sore loser; I just expect a fair and level playing field."

Ray Stark said he "knew" police would not take the complaint further and thinks it has been a waste of time.

"[MacPherson] is just a disgruntled old man 'cause he's now been put to the back of the class in the council and he's getting his just desserts and he doesn't like it - tough luck," Mr Stark said.