Waikato on level 2 water alert

21:48, Feb 05 2014

Water restrictions have been tightened in Hamilton City, Waikato District and Waipa Districts as areas in Waikato move to water alert level 2.

A prolonged spell of dry warm weather and an increase in average temperatures has prompted the councils to increase the alert level to level 2 from today.

Sprinklers can only be used on alternate days between 6am and 8am and between 6pm and 8pm but hand-held watering was allowed anytime.

Residents with a even numbered street address can water during the permitted hours on even dates of the month only and residents with odd numbered street addresses on odd days.

Despite showers Hamilton City waters manager Andrew Parsons said a sustained increase in water consumption prompted the move to Level 2.

"When making the decision to increase our water alert levels we take a number of factors into consideration including increased temperatures, rain forecasts as well as our infrastructure's ability to treat and distribute water.


"Waipa's water services manager Lorraine Kendrick said council would take a cautious approach over the long-term."

Although the ten day weather forecast is for rain it's likely we'll only get light showers and that provides short term relief,'' she said.

''We would need sustained rainfall over a period of days to alleviate our long-term concerns."

Waikato District Council Chief Executive, Gavin Ion said residents and business owners had a responsibility to conserve water. "Business owners can apply similar rules from home to their businesses such as half flush the toilet not full, or washing the tea dishes by hand in small amounts of water."

The water alert levels is a joint venture between Hamilton City Council, Waikato District Council and Waipa District Council.

Last year's drought conditions prompted the government to declare a drought and stretched the regions water alert level to 3.

Commercial and non-residential properties can continue to use water outside the permitted times.