Home detention for assault and 'terrifying' chainsaw threat

A Huntly man who helped kidnap a man before threatening him with a chainsaw said he did it because he thought the victim had stolen his car.

In the High Court at Hamilton yesterday, Justice Asher described Jaskirt Singh-Kang's actions as imprisonable.

However, other than the "terrifying", hour-long attack, the 19-year-old was of good character and had been in a stable job for the past three years.

The court heard the victim was a friend of Singh-Kang.

The victim had a car of Singh-Kang's and Singh-Kang heard it had been sold.

Singh-Kang, co-offender Ricky Hona and a third man - who is to go on trial soon - were driving around Huntly on February 14 last year about 10.30pm when they spotted the victim.

He ran off and the trio gave chase, stopped the man and put him into the car. The trio drove around while punching and kicking the victim.

They pulled over to a picnic area where one of the men got a chainsaw out of the boot and gave it to Singh-Kang.

He then threatened to use it, saying: "Do you think I'm all shit?"

After an hour-long assault, the trio fled, leaving the victim with multiple injuries which needed treatment but not hospital attention.

Singh-Kang's lawyer argued for a sentence of community detention, community work and supervision, as was handed down to co-accused Hona, 24, last month. Crown prosecutor Ross Douch objected, saying Singh-Kang could retain his job while serving a sentence of home detention to which Justice Asher agreed.

The judge said Singh-Kang's offending was premeditated; there was a long chase which he could have given up at any stage; there were multiple attackers and the assault could even be classified as "extreme violence".

"You were the one who threatened the victim [with the chainsaw].

"This was a terrifying threat, with the victim having reason to fear the most serious of injuries."

Singh-Kang was sentenced to 11 months of home detention on charges of kidnapping, injuring with intent, and assault using a chainsaw as a weapon.

He was also issued a first strike warning on the kidnapping charge, which was a qualifying violent offence.

Waikato Times