Hamilton twins to trek to the world's coldest destinations

01:10, Feb 07 2014
 Josh and Zac Lyon
Twins trek: Josh and Zac Lyon, 22, are set to be the first Kiwis to take on an expedition to the four ice caps.

As of this week, the coldest place that Hamilton twins Zac and Josh Lyon had encountered was a freezer - in their underwear, no less.

But that's all set to change as the boys take off for a polar training camp in Norway today, ahead of their year-long voyage to four of the worlds coldest destinations.

The 22-year-old twins have been planning the mission for the past three years and will visit Greenland, Patagonia and the North and South poles. The expedition has never before been attempted by a New Zealander.

But that's not why they're doing it. They're doing it for the challenge. And also to inspire youth across the globe.

"When we really boil it down, it comes down to Zac and I want to inspire the world - particularly the youth - that anything can be accomplished if we dream it," Josh said.

The trip was inspired by a talk the twins heard in high school.


"There was these two Kiwi guys that walked to the North Pole and we thought that was pretty cool," Zac said.

The trip to Norway will be the first major step, it is there that they will learn how to survive in the freezing wilderness.

And with a four-week slot jam packed with information, it's a lot to take in.

"When we say everything, we mean everything. It's as simple as getting yourself dressed with all the layers, right through to sleeping arrangements," Zac said.

And if the age-old tale that you should spoon with your camping buddies is taught, that's a bonus for Zac.

"I hope so, I'm always down for some cuddles."

Both boys are looking forward to the four caps journey which will kick off in April with their first stop in Greenland. It will take another two years to reach the final goal, which will be their trek to the North Pole. They will be documenting their expedition with a blog, and taking cameras to post footage of their trip. The twins also have Olympian Rob Hamill on board who is acting as their team director and mentor.

"This whole thing wouldn't have been possible without him. His support's been monumental," Zac said.

Josh said the main thing he was expecting to gain from the trip was knowledge and facing a multitude of challenges while Zac's goal was simple.

"I'd just like to see a polar bear in the wild."