'Rotting rubbish' angers Dinsdale residents

Trash tip: The rubbish piling up near the rear of the Dinsdale shopping centre has disgusted local residents, including Ron Snaddon.
Trash tip: The rubbish piling up near the rear of the Dinsdale shopping centre has disgusted local residents, including Ron Snaddon.

Old tyres, a used nappy, rubbish strewn from black bags and a plastic carton of Jim Beam bottles - it's not what you expect to see at the local shops.

But passing a pile of illegally dumped "rotting rubbish" has become a regular occurrence for those who use the Dinsdale Shopping Centre.

Yesterday morning a trail of rubbish, including food waste, stretched along the fenceline at the exit to Tuhikaramea Rd, but a contractor arrived to clean it up while the Times was there.

Dinsdale residents Ron and Carol Snaddon started making calls to get the latest "shocking mess" moved after around a week.

"There's no need for it. You can go to the Base, you can go to Chartwell, there's nothing like that out there, so why should it be here?" Mr Snaddon said.

"It's everybody's problem because it wouldn't be long until there would be rats in there."

They were also puzzled by the appearance of what appeared to be household rubbish in black bin liners.

"You just put them out on Friday morning or whenever your rubbish collection is and they just go - so why are they here?" Mr Snaddon said.

The Snaddons complained to Hamilton City Council, and said they were advised to contact the body corporate - a group made up of the business owners in the shopping centre.

She spoke to the contact provided - Rob Owens at Colliers International, Hamilton.

Another local woman, who declined to be named, said she had rung on a number of occasions and the rubbish was cleaned up about a week later each time.

But it kept coming back and she was worried about the chance of a fire, given it was right behind the Z service station.

When contacted by the Waikato Times Mr Owens, listed on Colliers website as body corporate manager, declined to comment. He said he was "not really interested in featuring in your newspaper".

The council confirmed there had been "a couple" of complaints about the area in the past, but the private land made it a matter for the body corporate.

"Council have investigated the matter today and have once again contacted the body corporate manager asking for action on the matter. We have subsequently found that the area has been cleared of the waste in question," City Safe unit manager Elton Parata said.

Another Dinsdale resident said Colliers told her they had been in discussion with the owners for around two-and-a-half years.

"I understand that it can be frustrating from the body corporate's point of view but at the end of the day, between all parties I believe it needs to be resolved for the better of everyone," Karen Nielson said. "Surely it becomes a health and safety issue when you've got rotting rubbish sitting there in the volume that was there . . . If I had rotting rubbish on my front lawn I think there would be something to say from the neighbours. So why is it that a business can get away with that?"

Shopkeepers in the centre were also frustrated.

"If the mess is like that, people think it's a so gross place and they don't want to come," Splurge manager Lucy Fu said. They tried cleaning up the rubbish but more appeared, she said, and she thought a camera could be put in to catch the dumpers.