Elderly driver barrels through shop window

00:30, Feb 14 2014
Glenview video store
Repair work is carried out on the United Video store at the Glenview Shopping Centre after a car smashed through the front window.

It wasn't the Valentine's Day gift United Video manager Marion Baker was expecting when a small vehicle went through  store window. 

The incident which occurred at 11.40am today at the Glenview Shopping Centre sent her heart a flutter - from shock.

The owner of the Honda Jazz Hatchback was described as being in her 80's, and was also left in shock from the crash. 

''She accidentally hit accelerate instead of the break and came barreling through the window,'' Mrs Baker said. 

''She was picked up and taken home, she was in shock.'' 

Mrs Baker was serving a customer who had two children when the car went crashing through the window.


 ''I got a huge shock when it happened, then my immediate thought was to see how the driver was.'' 

Mrs Baker said the shopping centre wasn't busy at that time and no one was in immediate danger when the vehicle barreled into the store. 

''No one was on the path outside or near the window in the store when it happened. No one was hurt and that's the main thing.'' 

Mrs Baker said the Valentine's Day crash has tempted her to buy a lotto.