Plane makes emergency landing

19:48, Feb 23 2014

A former Waikato Times journalist noticed "a burning smell" not long after being told her plane was to make an emergency landing at Palmerston North Airport yesterday.

Maryanne Twentyman was sitting near the front of the plane when she said it suddenly "banked up quite steeply" before smoothing out.

Ms Twentyman was on flight NZ5031 from Hamilton to Wellington when the pilot announced "a small technical problem" on board.

The pilot told passengers that they would be landing in six minutes time at Palmerston North.

Ms Twentyman said the burning smell was faint initially, however it became stronger by the time they had landed without incident.

"I purposely didn't look out the window, I thought frig, if I see all the [emergency services] on the tarmac it's gonna panic me."

Ms Twentyman was full of praise for the "fantastic" Air New Zealand crew on the plane who kept all passengers calm.

Most passengers completed their journey to the capital by bus while others hired rental cars.


Waikato Times