Big man with a big heart doing big deeds

21:09, Feb 25 2014

Aaron McKay is a big man with a big heart, and now thousands are seeing the results of his giving nature in a viral Youtube video.

Originally from Tokoroa, for the past three years he has been a forklift driver for Hamilton's Prolife Foods.

During this time he had seen homeless people in the central city and decided to do something to make them smile.

While it is unclear whether the people in the video were in fact homeless, on February 16 Mr McKay picked up 15 packs of  of fried chicken from Wong's Kitchen on Massey St and set about distributing it along Victoria St.

A YouTube clip of Mr McKay giving food away and the reception he got from the recipients has made such an impression he's thinking of continuing the exercise.

''Initially I wasn't going to put it up [on YouTube] but I did and thought maybe 50 people might see it. I woke up on the Monday morning and there 500 hits. When it got to 1000 I told my mum.'' 


The clip has attracted more than  15,000 hits to date.

''What I wanted to find out [by giving the food away] was how the people would react. 

''Just about every one was happy. A few guys shook my hand, one almost cried. 

''I gave away packs to 14 people and gave two to one guy who was pretty big. That may it worthwhile.''

The 33 year old,  a powerlifter who goes by the nickname of ''Big White'', now plans a Facebook page titled BigDeeds - for more people who need smiles.