Casey Nathan's uncle talks of desire for change

20:15, Feb 26 2014
Tem Ormsby
HOPING FOR CHANGE: Casey Nathan's uncle, Tem Ormsby, speaks to reporters outside the Hamilton District Court.

The family of a Huntly woman and her 2-day-old baby who died after birth say they want to see midwives more closely supervised after graduating.

Tem Ormsby, speaking outside the Hamilton Coroner's Court yesterday at the end of an eight-day inquest into the deaths of his niece, Casey Nathan, 20, and her son, Kymani, said the whanau sincerely hoped there would be change.

"It's sad for us to lose a niece and a grandnephew and we just dont want this to happen to another family."

Mr Ormsby said there were tears in the inquest as the coroner read out the 11 key areas for his inquiry, which included whether a graduate midwife should spend 12 months working in a public hospital's obstetric and maternity departments before going into private practice.

"The coroner spoke about supervision of the midwife. That was my opinion when I was first interviewed two years ago - that the qualification may not necessarily be sufficient - so I hope that that is a change that will take place."

As for how Miss Nathan's partner, Hayden Tukiri, who was with her at the time, had been dealing with the inquest, Mr Ormsby said: "He's held a great deal of restraint.


"[He's] a young man who should have been enjoying his son and partner, but no, he's moved on to some extent. It will never ever go away."

When asked about whether the midwives involved had taken some responsibility and learnt from what happened, Mr Ormsby said: "I sincerely hope they have considered it seriously."

However, Jenn Hooper, of Action to Improve Maternity and a spokesperson for the Nathan and Tukiri families, expressed a view that it was more than just graduate midwives that needed supervision. "Three of those midwives were all very, very experienced, and one was the manager of the Huntly Birthcare and is a member of the Council of Midwives, so you can't get much more than that."

Representatives of the midwives and other health professionals left after the inquest before the Waikato Times could approach them for comment.

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