Survival the O-week goal - then onto bucket list

16:00, Feb 28 2014

There's a list on the fridge door of Jules Craft's flat. In a normal household, you might assume it's a shopping list, but this fridge lives in the middle of a student flat.

"That's our bucket list for the year."

It involves such activities as hosting a rooftop party and getting out to the mysterious destination that is "Bucky Island".

Behind the door of the fridge there are three capsicums and two bottles of sauce.

"We were given those," Craft said.

The rest of the fridge space is filled with homebrew - it's the cheapest way to drink, they say. Well that or a $13 cask of wine - that's dubbed a "goon".


"Oh and Scrumpy's. Scrumpy's is definitely our jam."

Scrumpy is a crucial ingredient in the drinking game "Scrumpy Monkey" - a mash-up of the drinking game "Scrumpy hands", which involves taping two bottles of cider to your hands and only removing them once finished, and "Possum", which involves climbing a tree with your booze and staying up there until you "get it down ya".

Craft is in his second year at Waikato University this year and, unbeknown to the older generation, he's somewhat of a celebrity.

Along with his mate Louis Davis, he created the viral Facebook page Two Kids at University.

They post video re-enactments of student life and raps that "call out" other universities for not being as great as theirs.

The page has more than 17,000 likes. They're using this page to engage students and, with the help of their friend, Laura Hamilton, who also has a student facebook page, they aim to make this year the best year Waikato students have ever seen.

Monday marks the beginning of a new era for the lads - it's O-week and all hell is going to break loose.

So what's the plan?

"Survive," Craft said.

It's a weird feeling leaving home for the bright lights of a tertiary degree, Davis said. "People tell you you'll be on the bones of your backside and all that, but they don't warn you of the ‘carnage' that is O-week.

"They don't tell you that it's going to destroy your body, your mind, your morals."

But although students had always been this way, things had been "watered down a bit" due to rules and such. On top of that, students were becoming more aware of their actions with the rise of social media.

Four or five years ago you could get drunk, pass out and all that was going to happen was someone would draw a hilarious picture of a penis on your cheek, the students said. Now, you "face" pictures and videos of your debauchery online the next day, and once it's out there, it's out there for good.

"You've gotta be real careful because you don't wanna regret something in 10 years when you're trying to get a job," Davis said. "And it's hard to control the virality of it all."

Even so, he said his motto for next week would be "YOLO" (for those over 25, that means: You Only Live Once).

"I get that it only gets worse when I finish here. I will never have as much freedom as I do now."

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