O-week revelers keep police busy

03:04, Mar 04 2014

A party with more than 250 drunken students was among many police had to close down in Hillcrest last night as O-week kicked off.

Police and emergency services were called to a number of incidents over night - the worst a party in Knighton Rd about 11pm.

District shift manager Senior Sergeant Pete Simpson said they arrived at the party to find 250 intoxicated young people, most who claimed to be students.

"The party was reported to be causing a great deal of concern for residents in the immediate neighbourhood," he said.

"Police ushered the revellers out of the house and property and dispersed them once out on the street and one person was dealt with for breach of the liquor ban.

"As the crowd dispersed many headed into town while a few stayed in the area with about 20 intoxicated people reported partying on a roundabout and hitting parked cars."


Earlier in the night, about 10pm, they were called to another incident in Knighton Rd - opposite an entrance to the University of Waikato - after security staff reported that there were 20-30 people drinking on the street.

"Then about half an hour later our staff assisted Noise Control officers and closed down a party on Aurora Tce while ambulance staff attended one man who was heavily intoxicated."

Mr Simpson said while the central City was busier than a normal Monday night people were generally pretty well behaved.

"There were a couple of minor assaults and some people brought in for detox but by and large there were few problems in town.

''What problems that did arise appear to be from people who pre-loaded before coming into town and a particular point of concern was intoxicated young women placing themselves in vulnerable positions."

Mr Simpson said with six nights of O-Week to go, police are urging revellers to drink in moderation and pace themselves if they wanted to last till the end of the week.

"Avoid pre-loading, drink in moderation and make plans before you head out about how you and your friends are going to keep safe, how you're going to get home and how you can keep an eye on each other."