Man imprisoned for 'violent physical assault' on baby

A Rotorua man was jailed yesterday for wounding with reckless disregard and assault on a 9-month-old baby.

Piripi Te Rame Sisley, 22, who had pleaded guilty, was sentenced by Justice Graham Lang in the High Court in Rotorua to three years' jail.

The victim, referred to as "Baby A" in the court documents, was staying with Sisley and his partner during Christmas in 2012. During this time Sisley used his hands to twist Baby A's ears, bruising the inner and outer ears. On December 28, Sisley was alone with the baby in a bedroom when the child let out a scream so loud it was heard by neighbours. The baby's cries were followed by the sound of a male voice roaring or crying.

Baby A continued to cry and a neighbour described the male as mocking the baby. He was also heard laughing.

Court documents said Sisley carried out a violent physical assault, with the baby's head subjected to sufficient force to cause subdural bleeding and retinal haemorrhages. On the same day Sisley took Baby A to his partner and told her the baby was not breathing and having seizures. Medical help was sought.

A paediatric occupational therapist treating Baby A said he was making good progress, but had slight weakness on the left side of his body.

Waikato Times