Differing speed limits work of prankster

20:13, Mar 13 2014
speed limits, hamilton
Mixed message: Hamilton resident Jason Williams took this photo of Thames St on Sunday showing conflicting speed limit signs. The street was designated a 40kmh zone on March 1.

Motorists snapped travelling over the limit on Hamilton's Thames St may well feel aggrieved after two different speed limits were apparently posted on the street.

But the conflicting signs may be the work of a trickster, with council saying someone had rotated the signs.

Thames St was among 95 residential streets to have permanent 40kmh speed limits introduced on March 1 following the creation of 10 new safer speed areas in Hamilton.

It brings the total number of safer speed areas around the city to 36.

Hamilton City Council operations team leader Robyn Denton said staff were alerted to the conflicting signs on Thames St last Friday and fixed it on Monday.

"We had done a drive around all the sites following installation; it is likely that someone has just rotated the sign which is a problem we face all round the city unfortunately," she said.


Ms Denton referred the Waikato Times to police when asked if any motorists had been ticketed on Thames St since the introduction of the new 40kmh speed limit.

The police did not respond to the Times' inquires.

Thames St resident Apo Aporosa said the council hadn't adequately communicated the speed limit changes and questioned whether the initiative would be successful.

"I support making the road slower but I don't think you're going to stop some drivers from travelling fast," Mr Aporosa said.

"Even if you put a 20kmh speed limit along here you'd still get people speeding. It ultimately comes down to drivers exercising personal responsibility and driving responsibly."

Resident Paula Cameron welcomed the 40kmh limit for Thames St, saying some motorists did drive too fast.

Last June, a police van-mounted camera caught 633 motorists travelling over the posted 40kmh speed limit on Dinsdale Rd within a six-hour period.

Angry motorists said the police ploy was tantamount to entrapment and argued signage on Dinsdale Rd was inadequate. The Hamilton City Council later added road markings to the street.

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