Police bust nets over $12million in drugs

01:54, Mar 21 2014
police, cannabis op
BIG HAUL: Police used a boat to access coastal areas of interest and river islands.

Police have recovered $12 million of illegal drugs from 61 properties across the Waikato in an operation that has lasted several days.

Acting field crime manager, Detective Senior Sergeant Nigel Keall, of Waikato CIB, said 8300 cannabis plants were recovered, a methamphetamine lab discovered, stolen property recovered and 13 firearms seized.

As a result 34 people are facing drugs and/or firearms charges and six people were issued with formal warnings.

police, cannabis op
Cannabis is removed from a maize in the Waikato.

''With so many cannabis plants recovered in the operation Waikato Police believe a significant amount of potential harm to the community has been prevented and we encourage anyone with any concerns about drug related activity to contact us,'' Mr Keall said.

The operation included a complex set up at the Aria home of Shane Owen Bond, 33, which included a methamphetamine lab which was powered by $30,000 worth of solar panels.

''There was also a lined horse float at the property in which a number of cannabis plants were found growing and the whole operation was being powered by batteries charged with solar panels.''Mr Keall said.


Police found several firearms at the address, including a home made pistol.

A warrant has been issued for Bond's arrest, so has far managed to elude police.

Mr Keall said these types of operations could be quite risky, given the locations these operations were sometimes set-up in.

"At a number of the isolated locations we went to our staff encountered gin traps while on an island in the Waikato River, near Rangiriri, the plots were under surveillance by battery operated game cameras.''

About 407 Cannabis plants were recovered growing in three plots on the island.

"On Mt Pirongia growers had their cannabis plants protected by cages but it wasn't just in isolated spots of bush that cannabis was found in, plants were also recovered in maize paddocks growing on several farms without the landowner's knowledge."

Mr Keall said offenders often trespassed on private land, damaged farm crops and gate locks and set traps to protect their plantations. They often used intimidation on users of regional parks and Department of Conservation land.

"What we've noticed over the course of the operation, which saw staff deployed as far away as the Coromandel, King Country and North Waikato, is that drug growers and manufacturers are becoming more sophisticated in their activities meaning the police's response is evolving as well.

"As well as utilising teams on the ground our operation involved fixed wing spotter aircraft, a helicopter spraying dyed herbicide to access hard to get to areas in rugged bush and a boat to access not only coastal areas of interest but river islands as well."