Fluoride to return to Hamilton's water supply

02:57, Mar 27 2014

Hamilton is set to get fluoride once again after Hamilton City Councillors this afternoon voted to return it to the city's waters.

Councillors voted 9-1 during a council meeting this afternoon to recommence fluoridation.

Councillor Philip Yeung was the only one to vote against it being returned, while fellow councillors Martin Gallagher excluded himself from the vote.

Councillors Dave Macpherson and Margaret Forsyth were absent from the vote.

Fluoride was removed from Hamilton's water on June 20 after the council voted to remove it on June 5 after seeking public feedback on whether or not to keep it.

But a referendum in October 2013 showed the 66.09 per cent of voters wanted fluoride back, so the council decided to vote once again on the issue.