Hamilton window washers charged

A group of Hamilton window washers are facing multiple charges after a police sting at a city intersection.

Jayden Moke Wainohu, 21, of Whitiora, admitted to all four charges of washing windows of a vehicle that had stopped within 50m of the intersection of Ulster and Mill Sts between February 17 and March 18, after he appeared in the Hamilton District Court. 

Wainohu has 13 previous convictions for the same charge which can only be dealt with by way of a fine.

It left Community Magistrate Susan Hovell feeling frustrated.

''I don't know if you are sick of coming to court but I do think motorists are sick of you guys doing this. Someone is going to get hit, hurt or killed, and it won't just be a fine-only matter.''

Mrs Hovell convicted Wainohu and fined him $600 with court costs of $130.

Wainohu's brother, Alvin, faces eight of the same charges - including three laid on the same day, February 13.

He was remanded without plea to reappear on April 14.

Jamin Ianjaboe Temoni, 26, also faced five charges, while Tasman Rewiti Hadfield, 38, faces one representative charge.

The Hamilton City Council implemented the bylaw on August 16, 2012.