Man caught selling legal highs in city centre

20:27, Apr 01 2014

A man selling legal highs in Hamilton's main square was arrested overnight after being caught on the city's security cameras.

City safe camera operators observed the man interacting with several people throughout the evening who appeared to give him money while he passed them small items in return, Sergeant Dave Raffan said.

"Officers apprehended the man in Garden Place about 10.20pm and found him in possession of 45 2gm bags of an approved brand of synthetic cannabis.''

Selling the substance from unlicensed premises is a breach of the Psychoactive Substances Act and all licenses approved under this act are currently subject to a temporary suspension imposed by the Ministry of Health.

Raffan said the man told police he had obtained the packets of synthetic cannabis from a dealer in Te Awamutu then brought them to Hamilton to on-sell to his customers.

"As a result of his entrepreneurial endeavours the 36-year-old now faces charges relating to the selling of psychoactive products from non-approved premises and breaching the medicines act in relation to pills he was found in possession of.

"Last night's arrest highlights the value police place on the city camera's CCTV capabilities and how they assist in keeping Hamilton safe.''

Police will continue to monitor how psychoactive substances are being sold in the Waikato and offenders should expect to be noticed if they flout the regulations.