Man jailed for attack on partner, baby

02:06, Apr 02 2014

A South Waikato man bashed his partner and threw a car part at her, hitting their baby, because she hadn't parked close enough to a house.

Hamilton District Court Judge Glen Marshall told Willy-Joe Wilson he was ''very lucky'' he didn't kill his one-year-old son after he threw a metal gear lever at his partner - but missed and hit the boy in the forehead, leaving a large, bleeding gash.

Judge Marshall said it was  also fortuitous that the boy also didn't suffer any brain damage.

The incident unravelled on January 30 this year when Wilson, his partner, and their three kids drove to a relative's house in Waharoa.

Wilson, of Putaruru, became angry with his partner as he believed she had parked too far away from the house.

He became abusive, got his son out of his car seat and walked around to the driver's door, put his boy on the ground before punching his partner and dragging her out of the car.


People came from the house to stop the attack.

Wilson then went to the car and grabbed the metal gear lever before throwing it.

Wilson, 27, then fled with his two daughters, aged 5 and 6.

His son needed 10 stitches to his head, while his partner suffered bruising and cuts.

Wilson's lawyer Mark Sturm said it was ''unquestionable'' that the facts were disturbing and an over reaction to a domestic where ''his conduct has got completely out of hand''.

''He does bitterly regret what has occurred and the injury he has caused to his son. He does wish to emphasise that this was not deliberate ... he didn't intend for his son to be injured and didn't want him to be injured but realises that the way he acted has caused it.''

Mr Sturm said his partner was still keen to stay in the relationship with Wilson if he can take steps to address his anger issues.

Judge Marshall told Wilson both his recklessness and culpability was ''very high''.

''In fact, given your son's vulnerability and you knew your partner was holding him, it's very luck that he wasn't killed as a result of this or suffer serious brain damage.''

Judge Marshall convicted Wilson on charges of wilful damage of a car, assault with a blunt instrument and wounding his son with reckless disregard and jailed for two-and-a-half years.

He was also issued a first strike warning as the wounding charge is a qualifying violence offence.