Tamahere road fatality prompts alert

One man died in a collision at a Tamahere intersection last night, making it the second fatal accident in the area in two weeks.

Waikato police are urging drivers to adjust to the conditions and take extreme care at intersections.

The 84-year-old man was the driver of one of two cars involved in the collision, which happened around 4.20pm.

"The deceased was the sole occupant of a vehicle turning onto SH1 from Cherry Lane. A south-bound car on SH1 was involved in the collision and the sole occupant of this vehicle received minor injuries," Senior Sergeant Gael Mockford said.

"The crash occurred prior to the recent rain received in the Tamahere area."

The accident caused significant delays to traffic on SH1, which was diverted while emergency services cleared the road.

"As we approach autumn police are asking road users to adopt a more cautious approach on Waikato roads.

"Remember road safety is no accident and too many families have been affected by road trauma already this year," Mockford said.

Waikato Times