Crushed farmer recalls his speedy St John help

01:03, Apr 04 2014

Laying in the dirt after being run over by his own tractor, Guy Speedy needed others to live up to his surname and be fast to the rescue.

And thanks to an old family friend on her first ambulance shift in the area, 82-year-old Speedy got the quick help he needed.

The Ngatea farmer recalled the September accident ahead of St John national appeal week, which starts on Monday.

Speedy, 82, had been moving stock on his tractor when one of the beasts decided to cut itself out of the herd and not go through the gateway.

"I jumped off the tractor to stop her, knocked the gear lever with my knee, and the next thing I know I'm lying in the mud after being run over," he said.

Speedy, who lives 3 kilometres from town, called his son, Michael, on his cellphone.


Michael Speedy left immediately to go to his father's aid, leaving his wife to call the ambulance.

Guy Speedy said he could not believe how fast the ambulance got to him.

"They turned up just after Michael, parked the ambulance nose to the wind to keep me out of the weather and did a great job of making me feel as comfortable as they could, really wonderful girls," he said.

St John officers Julie Morris and Meredith McCracken were on duty the day of the accident.

Morris said it was her first day covering at the Ngatea station and, having known the Speedy family for more than 20 years, she was pleased she could help.

"We got Guy, who was suffering from a crushed pelvis, comfortable and administered morphine, he was in a pretty bad way, and waited for the Westpac air ambulance," she said.

The victim's wife, Bev, said she was oblivious to all the drama happening down on the farm until her daughter-in-law came to tell her.

"By the time they told me, Guy was on his way to Waikato Hospital in the helicopter, it was that fast," she said.

She said she was very appreciative of the services that St John offer.

"It is an amazing service all round.

"We have used the shuttle service to get Guy back and forth for follow-up treatments and rehab at both Thames and Waikato Hospitals," she said.

Morris believes the speed with which Guy Speedy received treatment aided his recovery.

Speedy said that, as far as his injuries were concerned, he felt fine.

"It's other parts of my body holding me back now, which is all part of life really," he said.

Bev Speedy is pleased to report, after saying he was not going to go with the men for pegging-out day, her husband has decided he cannot stay away.

"Duck shooting is a bit of an institution in our family," she said.

"We are as pleased as punch to say Guy will be joining the men for pegging out."

St John National Appeal Week runs from Monday, April 7, to Sunday, April 13.