Majestic job co-ordinating extras for royal visit film

Six weeks' preparation, 1200 extras, two minutes of footage.

It's a time Cambridge's Nicki de Reus remembers fondly, and when the movie Her Majesty was released in 2001 it was the culmination of a job which had been "lots of fun working with a great group of people".

De Reus was the Cambridge extras co-ordinator, tasked with finding 1200 extras to feature in the film.

At the time it was believed to be the biggest crowd of extras ever filmed in New Zealand, she said.

Her Majesty, directed by Mark Gordon, tells the story of a young girl and her desire to meet the Queen when she comes to visit her small hometown.

Vicky Haughton, who co-starred in Her Majesty as the elderly Maori woman, went on to play the grandmother in Whale Rider.

After debuting at the Mill Valley Film Festival in 2001, Her Majesty was released in theatres in the United States in 2004 and in New Zealand in 2005.

It has won more than 20 film festival awards.

De Reus described working on the film as a "unique experience", one that gave her an interesting insight into the inner workings of movie-making. "It was hard work, high pressure, full of adrenaline, but incredibly exciting and rewarding."

Waikato Times