Special royal visit souvenir to help raise money for Plunket

17:00, Apr 09 2014
Sandra Webb, left, and Margaret Cairns, hold up the special royal souvenir painting by Carole Hughes.
SOUVENIR TWIST: The Heritage Gallery’s Sandra Webb, left, and Margaret Cairns, hold up the special royal souvenir painting by Carole Hughes.

Cambridge's Heritage Gallery and a local award-winning artist have teamed up to create a royal visit souvenir with a heartfelt twist.

Gallery owner Sandra Webb was concerned at the lack of official merchandise available to mark the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

So she commissioned good friend and renowned local artist Carole Hughes to create a painting to mark the occasion, one with the added element of raising money for Plunket - a charity preferred by Sandra and known to be close to the Duchess of Cambridge's heart.

One individual will be able to buy the original artwork, while others will be able to buy posters of different sizes and postcards being produced to mark the event. All profits from the sale of the souvenirs will be given to Plunket.

Hughes was in the middle of preparing for an exhibition in Auckland when the call came in.

Despite the short notice, and some misgivings about taking on a commission of this nature, she set to the task - buoyed by the idea that the proceeds from her labours would be going to a charity she heartily supported.


Hughes is an award-winning expressionist artist with a passion for the Fauve movement.

Webb said Cambridge was thrilled to be on the itinerary for the royal visit.

"The town is really getting behind the event, the shop fronts are dripping with union jacks and flags are flying," she said.

"I remember waiting on the town square when I was a little girl to see the Queen. Here we are over 50 years on, and my grandchildren will be lined up to see the Queen's grandson and his wife.

"This event will be etched into the history of Cambridge.

"Carole's work is iconic in our town - her work is vibrant and fresh with a modern twist. To have a piece of Carole's work reflect the visit is a fitting tribute to mark the occasion."

Meanwhile, the Heritage Gallery window will be suitably dressed for the occasion of the duke and duchess's visit.

One half will feature a royally styled "high tea", while the other will show off the painting and posters, alongside an artist's palette.

The artwork, posters and postcards are on sale at Heritage Gallery now and will be for the duration of the royal visit.

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