Inventor shows No 8-wire credentials

17:00, Apr 25 2014
Patrick Roskam
GETTING THE HANG OF IT: Matamata inventor Patrick Roskam, 13, left, works with mum Angela, brother Edward, 11, and sister Victoria, 5, on the production line of his fencing tool.

A Waikato teenager has seen his vision turn into reality as the first batch of his acclaimed farm invention rolled off the production line this week.

Patrick Roskam, 13 - along with his mum Angela, brother Edward, 11, and sister Victoria, 5 - has spent the past few days assembling the first 500-edition run of his invention, the Gudgeon Pro 5 in 1.

The fencing tool, which is used to quickly and accurately hang gates, was originally conceived as a science-fair project, but wowed judges - and Sir William Gallagher - when the young inventor pitched the tool at last year's Fieldays Innovation Den.

Now, less than a year after his Fieldays success, Patrick is putting the final touches on the new and improved farm tool.

Patrick said the new model was wider, had a spirit level on top and a tape measure running down the side. It also had adjustable bushes to allow for different-spaced gate hinges.

"I had my old prototype, which wasn't adjustable, but the feedback was it had to be adjustable to fit different gates," Patrick said. The tool works as a drill guide, marking out precise measurements for placing gudgeons - sockets attached to fenceposts to hang gates - without using a measuring tape.


The invention can also be used as a leveller, has five and seven wire markings for placing wires, and is batten height, so can be used as a measure for post-ramming.

Mum Angela said Patrick had been involved in the development of the project from start to finish, and did much of the engineering work on the first run of 500.

"Patrick went from start to finish in the factory. He operated the CNC machine, did the cutting, and powder-coated it himself - he did all the steps."

Each one of the first 500 comes with a certificate thanking customers for their support.

The product will be launched later this year at Fieldays, where Patrick will be hoping to recoup some of the hefty loan he has taken to fund production.

After that, Patrick said he would test the product in overseas markets.

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