Young pilot heads for Big Apple

Chloe Milne has left for New York on her latest adventure
Chloe Milne has left for New York on her latest adventure

Eighteen months after landing at 21 airfields across New Zealand for her 21st birthday, Cambridge's Chloe Milne has left to spend a year in New York.

Having recently completed a law degree, Chloe is now looking forward to getting involved in communications and marketing.

"I never really wanted to be a lawyer; I didn't know what I wanted to do and thought a law degree would be a good basis for other things. As I've gone through I've become more interested in communications, media, and marketing. I think Flight of Passage, the trip, was part of that because I got exposed to that through the media."

With the United States considered one of the world's media capitals, time spent in New York could help gain reputable references.

"I think on a CV it would look amazing. It's exciting."

Although her law degree could earn her a bigger pay cheque, Chloe said the enjoyment she gets out of communications exceeds the wealth of the law world.

"Is it worth it?" she asked, "You've got to be happy."

Chloe's already set up some work with a digital media company, and has other contacts in the pipeline.

"Apparently in New York, it's all about who you know."

Chloe eased her early nerves by travelling to South East Asia as a graduation celebration.

"I have travelled a lot with my family, but that was the first time by myself. It was totally different . . . I think it's taken the surprise element out of New York."

The trip to New York was made possible with the help of IEP, a New Zealand organisation that networks with overseas partners to support people keen to do a working holiday abroad.

The idea of moving to America wowed her. "It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, because if you're a recent graduate you can go within 12 months of graduating and stay for 12 months.

"They help you with your visa and all the steps . . . they seem keen to get people over there."

Chloe is keen to embrace different cultures in her quest to learn more skills, and while New Zealand will always be home, she's keen to travel for now.

Chloe said the media attention given to her unconventional 21st gave her the opportunity to inspire others to achieve their milestones - and her aviation adventures may not be over. She has an opportunity to fly in Denver, and said flying is considerably cheaper over there.

Right now, Chloe's set to take on New York.

Just before leaving at the end of June, she said: "I feel like the nerves and the excitement level each other out to the point where I'm like, 'Ah, it'll be fine'."

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