Campaign Confidential: Where's Wanda special

18:38, Oct 11 2013
Fluoride Free Hamilton
MOVE ON: Anti-fluoride protestors have been staging loud protests across Hamilton this week.


Hamilton City Council candidate and prolific Facebooker Steve McLennan (New Council-New Direction) just can’t seem to stay away from the mysterious Wanda Lee.

Not only has Steve clocked up more comments than most on both this publication’s online stories and Facebook posts about Ms Lee, he’s now made an appearance of sorts on the newly-created “Where’s Wanda” Facebook group.

The group’s page, set up on 7 October, had less than 20 “likes” at time of print, and a link to – you guess it – an article about Steve.

Meanwhile Steve has “liked” the “Wandagate” Facebook page, which at last count was trailing “Where’s Wanda” in fan numbers.




It’s not just “Wanda Lee” who has been stirring the political pot, with several of our online readers giving their keyboards a workout in recent weeks by commenting regularly on our local body election stories.

The Times appreciates all the comments that have added their voice to a healthy and robust debate during the election.

Special mention must go to “DaveDog”, “Alvina Edwards”, “James86876876”, “Marie S” and “SuzieQ”, whoever you may be.



Fluoride Free Hamilton may not have won too many friends this week with an ill-conceived location for an anti-fluoride protest.

The small but very vocal group set up camp outside Waikato Hospital’s Elizabeth Rothwell Building, which houses the hospital's delivery suite, the neonatal intensive care unit, general and childrens' medical wards.

Anti-fluoride supporters were encouraged to toot their horn as they drove past, and hospital security were called in to move them on.

“Peace and calm for these patients and newborn babies is our first priority,” the Waikato DHB posted on Facebook.



There's been plenty of sign skullduggery in this election, and regional council candidate Paula Southgate thought she had lost another one after finding a gap.

Then a call from her stalwart supporter mum revealed all - spotting a group of schoolboys making off with an election sign, she stopped when she realised it was Paula's.

Southgate's proud mum wound down her window and quickly repatriated the missing sign from a young man who shamefacedly had to hand over the loot in front of his mates.



@MeganCampbellNZ I would not be surprised to learn Wanda was created by Waikato Times-explains their confidence in making wanton allegations

- If only, Basil. Maybe then Wanda would actually agree to an interview.