Pukekohe Fitness League will celebrate 30 years

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Pukekohe Fitness League Celebrating 30 years of fitness

Each week 31 Franklin women don  their exercise gear and head to the Pukekohe Town Hall for their weekly cardio.

Pukekohe Fitness League's Nina North has been the instructor of the group since its inception, 30 years ago.  

She blasts the stereo with hits like Sugababes' Hole in the Head and Janet Jackson's All for You, while the women, predominantly over 60-years-old, follow her lead. 

North said it was the friendships she has made during her 60 years of being an instructor, and seeing the positive effect it has on people, that keeps her in the profession.

"We have a lovely group of members, all very friendly, and they come pretty regularly. They take an interest in each other which is why I keep doing it, because they are a really friendly group of people. 

"The pleasure you give, and the reward of seeing the health of other members...it's the reward of seeing the benefit to people that keeps me going."

On Tuesday, the women have something particularly special to look forward to.

"We're celebrating our 30th birthday on the 23rd, and we've got members and teachers from all these different areas coming to join us here in the town hall. We'd love to see any past members or prospective members here in the town hall on that day."

League members Eileen Smith, 85, and Gae Rundle, 71, have also been with the group since the beginning. 

Smith said it was the style of the classes that she enjoyed the most. 

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"The movement, I just love the movement, and the danciness of it - and at the same time, you know you're in the hands of a professional and you're not going to do yourself any injury, it's great... I come every week, I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Rundle said it was a great way to keep fit and healthy in a fun environment. 

"I like to get some exercise, it keeps me from stiffening up and they're very easy to do and Nina is a very good instructor."

The celebrations will take place from 10am at the Pukekohe War Memorial Hall on Tuesday. The fitness class will begin at 10.30am, and there will be a catered lunch. Entry is $5. 



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