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Wanaka family finds housing independence

An Albert Town couple found a way to cope with Wanaka's crazy property market.

Mattress set on fire in skatepark

Firefighters don't take skate park fire lying down.

High winds fell tree, block traffic near Queenstown

A tree felled by high winds has blocked traffic on the Glenorchy-Queenstown Road.

'There were times when I didn't eat well - I'd say I ate already': NZ parents are struggling with back-to-school costs

Kiwi parents trying to absorb rising cost of uniforms and fees are skipping meals to get kids equipped for school.

'I feel sick': Upper Hutt man claims he found maggots in his Muffin Break wrap

Brock Mullney ate more than half of his Muffin Break wrap. What he says he found in the lettuce stopped him.

Driver who hit cyclist successfully appeals careless driving charge in High Court

The cyclist was going the wrong way down the road but the car driver was convicted. He fought it and won.

Julian Lee: Cathedral Square is a pernickety plaza puzzle

COMMENT: Christchurch is crying out for clarity but everyone's terrified to make a decision.

Bay of Plenty woman missing for more than a month

Hitch-hiking mother-of-four was last seen in a small West Coast tourist town.

Trump signals one-on-one NZ trade deal but English says his terms are 'unattractive'

Bill English pours cold water on Trump's idea of forming one-on-one trade deal with the US under threat of misbehaviour.

Support grows for 'Coastal Pacific Rail Trail' between Picton and Christchurch

Earthquake offers unique opportunity to create a cycleway between Picton and Christchurch, but does the idea have legs?

'All the best from the driver': Anonymous bouquet sent to cyclist left with brain injury after being hit by car

An anonymous bouquet didn't provide much solace to cyclist hit by car. Nor did the driver's last-minute plea.

Police tight-lipped over death of Dunedin 4-year-old

On a lonely Southland road a 4 year old boy and two others were injured. They were in a truck with a neighbour but no one will say why.

Fatal Google Maps mistake: Mother sentenced for causing the death of her son in car crash near Napier

Driving phone in hand at 100kmh, Kim Crous, didn't see the roadworks ahead. Her young son James paid with his life.

Wheelchair user 'told she was a fire risk' at Wellington show

Wet and cold, Susi Wassong was refused entry and wheeled to a soundless, viewless exit hallway.

Swimmer reported missing found 'safe and well' after 45 minutes search and rescue operation

"She was found safe and well and had made her own way out of the water."

Stolen car veers head on into car behind police officer, injuring three near Cambridge

Stolen car veers head on into car behind police officer, injuring three in Waikato.

It's probably safe to go back in the water: Why there's an annual tribute to a Wellington 1852 shark attack victim

Every year, a group braves chilly Wellington waters to pay respect to a man who died in an 1852 shark attack.

Welcome to Paekakariki campground - no visitors allowed

Campground's decision to ban visitors praised by some holiday park owners, labelled brutal by others.

'Staff are so panicked': Otahuhu Subway robbed by same person three weeks in a row

An Auckland Subway store has a regular customer they don't want - a man who robs them each week.

New Zealand $50 bank note selected for international competition

The exchange rate might not be great but our notes are worth a few votes.

Father and son were on last truck ride of the holidays before fatal crash

Outpouring of grief as seven-year-old dies alongside his dad in crash on the last of the school holiday drives he loved.

Belinda Girl was in the wrong place at the wrong time during the 7.8 quake. Her commemorative tattoo confirmed it

Down to her last $1000, a Kaikoura quake tattoo with the wrong time was the last thing Belinda Girl needed.

Theft charge for teen who looted train after Kaikoura earthquake

Angus Garrett took frying pans and baby formula because Kaikoura quake cut him off from his family, his lawyer says.

Thirty years after his astonishing journey to New Zealand, Vietnamese refugee Tran Lawrence is finally comfortable in his own skin

An inventive use of jandals saved Tran Lawrence from a third pirate attack. When he reached NZ, the challenges continued.

Medical professional on trial, accused of kissing patient before surgery

Accuser believes believes other medical professionals covered up incident.

South Auckland tertiary institute deregistered by NZQA

About 200 tertiary students will need a new education provider after south Auckland institute gets shut down.

New Zealand companies trying to tackle the gender pay gap

New Zealand companies are trying to tackle the gender pay gap through transparent policy and employee education.

PM Bill English to attend Waitangi Day celebrations at Auckland's Orakei Marae

PM Bill English will visit Orakei Marae after bypassing treaty grounds due to speaking snub.

Minimum wage to rise to $15.75 an hour, Government announces

50 cent increase, to $15.75 an hour, "strikes right balance" between helping workers and protecting jobs, Govt says.

Strong harvest should see supermarkets restocked with apples soon

Strong apple harvest promises to have supermarkets restocked within two weeks.

Woman flees assault, gets charged with drink driving

Judge tells defendant a taxi is a better way to flee an assault than driving if you have been drinking.

Waikato road crew adopt roaming rooster

Terry the Rooster is putting his two cents worth into Waikato Expressway.

Search suspended for man missing at sea after raft capsize near Otaki

Police suspend search for second man swept out to sea near Otaki, saying they will comb the shoreline instead.

Police name elderly man who drowned in Nelson

Police have released the name of the elderly man who drowned in the sea in Nelson.

Speeding driver put lives at risk, says judge

Hooning along a rural road could have ended in tragedy for a young driver and his four passengers.

'The noise was horrendous': Cat mauled to death by dog on property of 99-year-old owner

Big black dog pulls away from owner, charges onto 99-year-old woman's property and mauls her cat to death.

Van destroyed and classrooms damaged in fire at Te Kura Maori O Porirua

Porirua school's van destroyed and classrooms damaged in suspicious fire.

Jo Moir: Prime Minister's effort to learn Te Reo well received at Ratana

OPINION: There are two political brawls brewing ahead of the election this year.

Woman elects jury trial on methamphetamine charges

She denies 13 charges of offering to supply methamphetamine, but admits 17 charges of offering to sell cannabis.

Animal injuries cost tens of millions

Animals aren't always fluffy and cuddly as the number of injuries to people show.

Drug dealer's homegrown dope supply used for medicinal use

A 64-year-old started growing dope because buying it was too expensive. He sold it to a "group of elderly clients".

Pedestrian left with concussion after being hit by bus in Queenstown

A person has been hospitalised after being hit by a bus in Queenstown.

Bag removed from Hamilton BNZ after scare

Staff forced to leave the building amid unconfirmed reports of a bomb scare.

Northland rodeo shocks animal rights group, ministry to investigate

A video taken at a Whangarei rodeo is set to be investigated.

Bar across the road from a Christchurch police station burgled

Police had little work to do after a pair burgled a Christchurch bar – across the street from a police station.

Roading contractors reach trapped hunters

A party of 10 hunters is stranded in a remote area in Southland after floodwater washed out bridges.

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Attempted murder charge after man allegedly tried to drive into a lake with passenger

Police have charged a man with attempted murder after an alleged attempt to drive a passenger into a lake.

Man makes weapon from engineering tool after threats

He stood on some toes so he removed parts of a pipe caliper to turn it into a weapon.

Man breaks out in song in Christchurch court, in custody for being 'bad singer'

A defiant rendition of a classic love song has landed a Christchurch man in custody.
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