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Two hurt in motorbike crash

St John's Ambulance

Two men were taken to hospital after crashing their motorbikes into each other.

Search for woman swept away by storm

Rescue attempts

Search for woman missing in a swollen Northland river was to be suspended and resumed tomorrow.

Upper North braces for more severe weather

Auckland Harbour Bridge

Roads in Auckland are being monitored by police and fire service as water levels rise in Clevedon and Kawakawa.

Woman trampled by her own horse

Westpac Rescue Helicopter

A woman has been taken to hospital with severe injuries after being trampled by her horse.

'Hair-raising' near miss sparks alarm

Courier driver

Crashing into and killing a cyclist is a courier's worst nightmare, a Hamilton driver says.

Fraudster sentenced


A viticulture and winemaking student was sentenced for taking more than $20k from WINZ.

Kids go to public for help for ailing mum

'We just really want our parents back'

	 Gasteiger appeal

Three Nelson siblings are appealing to the public to help raise $80,000 so their mum can have ongoing specialist treatment in Germany for a rare form of lung-cancer.

Pay rise of 1.25pc for UCOL staff


The drawn-out industrial dispute at UCOL has come to a close, with polytechnic staff pocketing a pay rise this week.

'Appalling' driver blamed informant


Man thought he was being chased when a motorist followed him after dobbing him in to police.

Families feel bite of food cost


With food prices at their highest in three years, low-income families are feeling the pinch.

Tigerly love: When Oz met Sali

Pair meet after months of separation

	 Sumatran Tigers Oz and Sali

An eight-month courtship is almost unheard of nowadays, but it's paid off for nine-year-old Oz.

Shaken and then stirred into action

Wellington quake

A year after two large quakes rocked Wellington, there's an on-going effort to make the city safer.

Yes, same-sex dates can go to the ball

Johann Go

A conservative, Catholic all-boys' school has given the ok for gay couples to attend the school ball.

Avon site for quake memorial

'A special place for all New Zealanders'

avon river

Christchurch's quake memorial will have a river setting, it has been confirmed today.

Brother jailed for murder


Man who shot his brother at point blank range before dragging him behind a car for 1.4km sentenced.

William Douglas Goodfellow dies, aged 97

Douglas Goodfellow

Philanthropist William Douglas Goodfellow, once the richest man in NZ, has died.

Inside the mind of a stalker: The erotomaniac and I

Glenn Green

OPINION: Glenn Green and police say he is the country's most dangerous stalker and seems he's interested in stalking me.

Mystery shaking far in the depths

Earthquake generic

Seismic events some 600 kilometres below Taranaki are attracting international attention.

Survivor big advocate of smoke alarms

 Sheraaz Mohammed

Family who lost everything in a fire say they could have also lost each other if it wasn't for a smoke alarm.

Lean Dean half the man he used to be

Dean Rattray

An Ashburton man no longer lives in fear of his heart stopping while he sleeps after losing more than 120kg.

Decision on King's successor up to iwi leaders

Korotangi Paki

Korotangi Paki has a chance of ascending throne but the decision will come down to iwi leaders.

House gets the 'tanking' test

Red zoned home flooded

A red-zoned house was deliberately flooded yesterday in a bid to test find out flood protection for low-lying homes.

Harris 'victim' speaks out to help others

Rolf Harris

A NZ woman who has spoken out about an alleged sexual assault by Rolf Harris hopes others will be inspired to come forward.

City food forest is growing closer

food forest

Plans for a network of public food forests in Christchurch are starting to take root.

No punishment for food blunder


Council unlikely to face consequences for a blunder which left food outlets unlicensed.

DOC hits back at Greens' claims

DOC, Department of Conservation

DOC rejects claims a performance review indicated a restructure was not well implemented.

'Mega obese' can't get help


A lack of government funding means hundreds of people are turned away from weight-loss surgery, a surgeon says.

Greener for Harre on the other side

Laila Harre

OPINION: In her previous life, the new Internet Party leader was the Left's darling of her time, their warrior princess at the Cabinet table.

Stand tall: that's us, says Flavell

Te Ururoa Flavell

Maori Party adopts that theme, Tu Maori Mai (Stand as Maori), as its rallying cry for the election.

Labour says refugees could not reach NZ


A group of 41 asylum seekers may have been overly optimistic about landing on our shores.

Envoy's bail terms unable to be applied

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail

Police asked courts to lift bail conditions on Malaysian diplomat at the centre of a sexual assualt case.

Today in politics: Saturday, July 12

steven joyce

Greens suggest National may repeal gay marriage, Steven Joyce in a smock, and more humpback sightings.

Horror stories on the menu

Mouse, mice generic

Vermin, expired food and no hand-washing facilities in kitchens are just some of the horror stories uncovered in Invercargill eateries and shops.

Northland on brink of more severe floods

Flooding in Moerewa, Northland

Northland residents in for long night as flooding prompts some to evacuate their homes.

Tasman a cruel sea for kayakers

Olly Hicks

Scott Donaldson's not alone in his defeat by Mother Nature in a bid to cross the Tasman under his own steam.

Trans-Tasman kayaker Scott Donaldson sorry

Scott Donaldson

Scott Donaldson says sorry to public for abandoning mission to be first solo kayaker to cross Tasman.| Cruel sea

Don't mix drink and ice water: charity

ice challenge

Cancer Society warns people doing ice-water fundraiser to avoid alcohol after man dies.

Tasers more favoured by police

X2 Taser

Police are using Tasers more frequently, but they remain the least used tactical option.

Air NZ's 787-9 has landed at Auckland Airport

Air NZ Boeing 787-9

The newest addition to Air New Zealand's fleet was welcomed at Auckland Airport this afternoon.

Lawnmower driver sentenced over death of 4yo


A lawnmower driver who ran over and killed 4-year-old has been sentenced to home detention.

Guilty pleas over domestic stabbing


A woman has indicated guilty pleas over an Edgeware stabbing incident that caused injuries to a man and the child he was holding at the time.

Mike Pero nominates PM for ice challenge

Mike Pero

The Christchurch real estate mogul gets iced, then nominates John Key for the challenge.

Brazilian drug mule sentenced

Cocaine in bags

Drug mule caught at Auckland Airport with more than $650,000 of cocaine is jailed for five years.

Man jailed for underage sex


Auckland man who had sex with two teenage girls he met at a bus stop sentenced to over two years in prison.

Chips trip former All Black Joeli Vidiri


It once took more than a bag of chips to stop Joeli Vidiri. But salty snacks have proved his undoing.

320kg woman amongst NZ's heaviest


A 320kg woman lifted from her home by firefighters is amongst the most obese in NZ, and likely beyond surgery.

Malaysian diplomat case inquiry head named


Former top public servant John Whitehead to head probe into why Malaysian diplomat allowed to leave NZ while facing attempted-rape charge.

Woman critical after being thrown from car


A Feilding woman is on life support after being thrown 15m from a car.

Text pest teacher Bart de Jong's registration cancelled


Bart de Jong sent texts to a 10-year-old girl pupil, some calling her "hottie", "cutie" and "girlfriend".

Chopper pilot crashed to save life

Grant McCallum and Sam Kersten

The Marlborough pilot who crashed his helicopter into a gully says he did what he had to do to save the life of his hunting mate.
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