Psychic upset at charlatans

Psychic Sue Nicholson talks to animals too.
Psychic Sue Nicholson talks to animals too.

She knew the question was coming of course.

I was talking to psychic Sue Nicholson ahead of her show at the Rotorua Soundshell this Friday, but it seemed the spirits had beaten me to it.

"Spirits talk to me all the time and said Benn's going to talk to me about skepticism."

You might think it's a fair question to ask a psychic, and easily foreseeable with or without the spirits' help.

Sue told me that ahead of the Rotorua show she will be attending the annual Skeptics Society meeting in Wellington, and why not, because she's convinced the psychic abilities she first noticed at the age of 4 are real.

Sue also dismissed claims from professional mentalist and skeptic Derren Brown that psychic abilities can be explained through a combination of reading body language, suggestion and keeping messages from the "other side" suitably vague.

Sue said she is able to receive messages using just an upside down photograph, "see if he [Derren Brown] can do that!" she said.

That isn't to say she isn't aware of the charlatans operating in the field and it's also the only time in our conversation a noticeable anger creeps in past her easygoing humour.

"There are some out there that really annoy me who say they're psychic and it's a load of crap," she said.

"There's a lot out there. I tend to pick up the pieces from them, it gets me so angry. I had somebody come around and they said I'm possessed and I've got this demon hanging off the back of me and I said there's nothing there. '

'It's about ego, power and it annoys me."

She said that like any profession, there are good and bad people operating.

So what can the audience expect from Sunday's show?

Lots of laughter, some tears and affirmation that through the spirit, life goes on.

"It's giving people confirmation that life does exist after we pass over," she said.

"Death is not an end, it's a beginning."

It isn't just human spirits we can expect to hear from either.

"Some people call me Dr Dolittle," she laughs.

"Animals come through too, and it's not just the average cat and dog. I've had pigs, sheep, cows, rabbits, ferrets, horses, parrots, even a parakeet."

Sue explained that she picks up on the animal's energy and tunes into their thoughts telepathically, sometimes seeing solid visions, sometimes a misty outline.

"It depends how the spirit wants to show me. They have to learn to communicate. I'm a switchboard."

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