Buff bodies hunger for centre stage

21:34, Aug 22 2013
Leonie Soden and Tamar Kuru will be proudly wearing their Taupo Dream Team t-shirts on Saturday to support the ladies who are competing.

Fake tan, bikinis and high heels will take over the Great Lake Centre tomorrow for the INBA South Pacific Natural Bodybuilding Champs, which will see a number of locals competing.

Jude Pattie, Jo Hindrup, Donna Price Ross, Kiran Erasmus, Simone Davey, Jules Baillie, Tina Juene-Smith and Natalie Gray, who are part of Taupo's Bodybuilding Dream Team, assisted by Lisa Cameron and Contours Taupo, will be among those competing.

This past week the ladies have been in their final stage of dieting which consists of carbohydrate depletion, then a "carb load", so they look their best on the day. They also each have a specific meal plan for the day of the competition.

"It's a manipulation of the physique and how they appear so that they will peak when they are on stage," Ms Cameron said.

This event is the first bodybuilding show for many of the girls, including Ms Erasmus and Ms Price-Ross who both said they are looking forward to getting up on stage.

After having a boyfriend in her early 20s who competed, Ms Erasmus had always wanted to do a show herself, but it wasn't until she joined Contours Taupo in November last year that the ball started rolling.


"I noticed that there were lots of girls doing it and once I got to know them I thought it was the perfect platform for me to start."

She said the journey has been incredibly easy, which she said she felt terrible saying, but she put it down to all of the support she has received.

"I have an amazing network and support system around me. There's all the girls here, my personal trainer, Lisa Cameron, one of my good friends is a body builder and I work at Waterside Restaurant and Bar and our head chef is really supportive of me, he makes me meals and sticks to my guidelines. It's probably the biggest thing that has helped me.

"The food can get pretty monotonous, but he does really nice food for me so I haven't got stuck in a rut. I've been pretty spoilt."

As for Ms Price-Ross, she wanted a personal challenge.

"At first I hesitated because I thought the diet would be too hard," she said.

"Then I thought it would be a good challenge.

"I'm actually really excited. I'm not in it to win it, it was a challenge I set myself but I'm looking forward to getting up on stage and showing everyone what I've done."

The show starts at 2pm and tickets, which can be purchased at the door, are $30.

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