Once were Anglicans

Reverend Michael Hewat

OPINION: Is the authority of the Bible paramount, or is the authority of the Church (and its bishops) paramount?

The friendliness of foreigners

Travel, suitcase

OPINION: During a recent holiday in Europe, Denise Irvine encountered the kindness of strangers.

Coming to a street near you

OPINION: Peter Dornauf was left scratching his head at the root "damage" along Endeavour Ave.

Labour fails to fire up


Labour Party politicians and supporters will find plenty of cause for disquiet in the latest poll figures.

Editorial | Environment put to vote


The Waikato Regional Council has successfully taken two parties to court in recent days for breaching effluent disposal requirements under the Resource Management Act last year.

Maori Queen's wise words have meaning for us all


OPINION: My grandfather, when I was growing up, was a man with a great many stories.

Self-discipline key to money

Generic money

OPINION: Some subjects just aren't sexy, like anything with the words ‘financial literacy' in it.

Fluoride debate spreads


OPINION: The Hamilton City Council last week announced it had added fluoride to the city's Water Treatment Plant.

Questions over Labour's policies

David Cunliffe

Teachers with fewer students can give each child more attention, but studies do not unequivocally show that this is the most cost-effective way of lifting performance.

A bit of polish and pride

	 davies corner

OPINION: The Fairfield/Chartwell border is a suburb where the divide seems more obvious.

Ruling a triumph for common sense

lucan battison

OPINION: I was reminded last week why a career in secondary school education has never appealed.

Little things that matter

OPINION: For some children, the Taranaki District Health Board recently reported, hospitals can be a scary environment with new surroundings and unfamiliar faces.

Police discontent dismissed


OPINION: Only 44 per cent of the Waikato region's police agree the department has a clear vision of where it's going.

Rays of hope amid abuse

domestic abuse

OPINION: This week's column is dedicated to saying thank you to a very special group of workers.

Environmental powers

Waikato River 300

OPINION: Two environmental issues this week have highlighted the importance of who controls the decision-making process.

Concerns over post service

nz post

OPINION: Longer delivery times are likely turning customers away from using NZ Post, thereby exacerbating the slump in mail volumes

Reliance on dairy debated

Dairy cows.

OPINION: Employment prospects have been lifted by Fonterra's plans to upgrade its Lichfield plant.

Vaccination a no brainer

Vaccination child

OPINION: There's been a measles outbreak in Hamilton and the worst thing about it is that it doesn't need to be happening.

Spatial plan for all

Bob Simcock

OPINION: The Waikato Regional Council last week announced good progress was being made on shaping a more prosperous and efficient future for Waikato.

Exercising your vote just got easier

WEL energy

OPINION: A very small election is happening that should be watched carefully - will have a long-lasting effect on Hamilton.

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