Nothing to celebrate

Te Papa's Gallipoli: the scale of our war exhibition.

OPINION: It was a war where half the planet and its populace fought over bits of land and, as a consequence, 10 million perished in the process and 20 million were wounded.

Honouring our Anzacs

ANZAC crosses celebrate the lives given by New Zealand soldiers through the ages.

OPINION: War is meaningless. Until your freedom, or life, is placed under threat.

Other inquiries delayed

Waikato District Health Board Chairman Bob Simcock.

OPINION: The recent death of Nicky Stevens while in the care of the Waikato District Health Board has understandably caused his family a great deal of pain.

Musical pedant sings the blues

The Age, Spectrum. Meet the Maker. Luthier (guitar maker) Sachar Amos . Pic is of his L1 steel string . Pic Simon Schluter 3 MArch 2015

OPINION: It's a tough old life, Waikato Times columnist Max Christoffersen finds.

Lest we forget an empty sentiment

OPINION: What does "Lest We Forget" actually mean? The origins of the phrase are to be found in a poem written by Rudyard Kipling on the occasion of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.  Ironically enough for the British Empire's jingoistic bard, "Recessional" is a prayer in which God is asked to spare England from the twin fates of obsolescence and faithlessness.  Jehovah is implored to stay His hand "lest we [the Empire] forget[s]" the sacrifice of Christ.  Kipling argues that boastings and pride -"all our pomp of yesterday" - are but vanities next to the permanence of the Almighty.

Paul Henry, feminism and Dr Blue

TV3's Paul Henry pictured on the set of the new breakfast show.

OPINION: Yep, this young female agrees with Paul Henry. Modern feminism isn't helping anyone.

Lessons not learnt at Henry Bennett

Nicholas Stevens died after being allowed to leave the Henry Bennett Centre unescorted.

OPINION: Nicholas Stevens was not the first person let down by staff at the Henry Bennett Centre.

It's OK if Hamilton's CBD dies

OPINION: Hamilton's downtown has become a scary place and only a bold vision will fix it.

Two health systems at work

OPINION: Why do we treat cut fingers differently to mental illness? Why are the outcomes so different?

Cricket commentator a class act

OPINION: Of the many tributes written after Richie Benaud's death last week, by far the funniest, if not the most honest was that penned by long time Benaud imitator Billy Birmingham.

Funeral costs are steep

Members of Akai Gurley’s family fill the pews in front of his casket during his wake at Brown Memorial Baptist Church in New York, on Friday, December 5, 2014.

OPINION: Leaving things like funerals to the last minute generally means the costs increase.

Land wars affected trade

151112 Eastern Courier. Bang bang: Up close as Matthew Bonnett prepares to load the Indian Pattern Musket.

Most of the Europeans who did not evacuate from Waikato and the Waipa Valley at the start of the Taranaki Land War in 1860 did so when the wars came to their part of the country in 1864.

The Dead Tell Tales

The modesty of the headstone in Hamilton East Cemetery for Arthur and Adriana belies the great contributions each made to the development and cultural well-being of Hamilton.

Swarbrick is a name most Hamiltonians know. Historian Lyn Williams tells the story of the man behind the name.

Camera Obscura

Frankton, 1948 following a tornado.

OPINION: The frightening tornado that wrought destruction across Frankton in 1948 left scenes of utter devastation for the victims to contemplate. The damage was so severe and so sudden that it brought  the prime minister to Hamilton that very day. In this photo, you can see the power or telephone pole  tipped over, glass blown out of the windows and  debris all along the footpath, and yet the building in the  background looks untouched. The chap in the photo appears to be on point duty. Who is he? Apart  from his cap, he is not in uniform – he was probably recalled urgently.

Days of Future Past

OPINION: The practice of playing the national anthem in New Zealand movie theatres will be well remembered by any old enough to have attended the cinema in this country before the early 1970s.  For the first 18 or so years of Elizabeth II's reign, God Save the Queen was heard on the soundtrack to a technicolour short in which her Her Majesty was seen on horseback at the annual trooping of the colours.  

Steady Tortoise or Worn-Out Hare?

How prepared are you for retirement?

How well are you running the race to retirement?

House prices and marriage counselling

Marriage counselling is the key to Auckland's housing problem.

OPINION: The solution to Auckland's housing problem is marriage counselling.

CBD doesn't have to die

27122014 News Photo: Michael Bradley/Fairfax NZ. People shopping at St Lukes Mall in Auckland.

OPINION: It's tough watching something die and knowing it didn't have to happen.

Parity bad news

nz dollar profit

OPINION: It's the dollar, not a test match. Meeting the Australian dollar isn't all good news.

Hamilton CBD needn't die

It's tough watching something die and knowing it didn't have to happen. 

Cup faces ironic cash challenge

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - SEPTEMBER 24:  (L-R) Chris Ward, Ray Davies, Glenn Ashby and skipper Dean Barker of Emirates Team New Zealand react after losing race 18 to Oracle Team USA skippered by James Spithill in the America's Cup Finals on September 24, 2013 in San Francisco, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Taxpayers must hope America's Cup organisers hold to their cost-cutting course, eliminating Team NZ's need for public funds.

The reward of Easter is freedom

One of the little known facts about Easter is that it is really about fighting slavery. It was the first great rebellion against the shackles on our souls.

RMA too important not to consult on


The Government insists its RMA reforms are urgently needed to stimulate economic development.

Minimal regulation has consequences

TRA 14 NOV 09. Airport stopover. Generic backview of man looking at airplane. Supplied by iStock, OK to reuse, royalty-free. empty seats. waiting room. terminal.

OPINION: No amount of rules and regulations can make flying fail-safe but having no regulations would be catastrophic.

Housing policy deceptive

Finance minister Bill English's hopes of a surplus are slipping away.

OPINION: The Government has acknowledged many state houses are not up to standard and have not been properly maintained.

Parents failed Maadi Cup boys

ST BEDE'S ROWERS: Jordan Kennedy and Jack Bell

OPINION: The foundations of the school disciplinary system were shaken last year when the parents of Lucan Battison went to the High Court to challenge his suspension from a college in Hastings because his hair was too long.

Fund worth supporting

Paula Southgate.

OPINION: Waikato regional councillors have unanimously adopted the 2015-2025 Long Term Plan Consultation Document.

Cops still unaccountable

ROAST BUSTERS: Joseph Parker, left, and Beraiah Hales were identified as the leaders of a group known as the Roast Busters, after they boasted online of having sex with drunken, underage girls.

OPINION: The competence of police officers and staff is at the heart of the Road Busters case.

Mum's the word for McDonald in Sydney

PARENTAL GUIDANCE: James McDonald will have his mother looking after his Sydney campaign mount Rising Romance.

Champion jockey won't have to look far to get latest on progress of top Ruakaka mare Rising Romance in Sydney.

Fringe festivals are magical things

Dancer Rosa Strati is one of the performers in Presence, one of 23 arts events that comprise the just-started Hamilton Fringe Festival.

OPINION: I'm writing this from a high window overlooking the Pacific Ocean, whipped up by a storm.

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