Pirongia has heart and soul


OPINION: Have you ever noticed how Hamilton is a really odd shape?

Balance is Key's challenge

John Key

OPINION: Economic growth was among the tailwinds that helped National sail to a comfortable election victory at the weekend.

Everyone's voting - are you?

Joseph Stalin, the Soviet Union's brutish and dictatorial leader from the mid-1920s until his death in 1953, once said: "The people who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do."

Diversions hinder Labour

Last leaders' debate

OPINION: An ardent Labour Party supporter, blogging about the final leaders' "debate", was particularly struck by the responses when National's John Key and Labour's David Cunliffe were asked what their governments would do in the first 100 days.

Winz has overreacted


OPINION: The Ashburton killings weren't part of a rash. They horrified the country because they were extraordinary.

Growth brings opportunity

After repelling a resurgence by Counties-Manukau at the weekend to keep their ITM Cup Premiership playoff hopes alive, Waikato will be determined to beat Auckland - just ahead of them in the rankings - early next month.

See how much changes when people do nothing

Ballot box

OPINION: You know what Hamilton, you win - don't vote, see what happens. See how much changes when good people do nothing.

The mass medication battle


OPINION: Recent political controversy indicates we rightly expect high standards of performance from our parliamentarians.

Comply, don't provoke


OPINION: It's understandable that shopkeepers want to protect themselves, but guns are a big jump.

Do nothing, no change


OPINION: So stop making excuses, stop dawdling and thinking about it and to a polling booth.

Little things that count in life?

New World's Little Shop

OPINION: Last week Denise Irvine discovered she may be a bad nana, but she's not going to shut up shop.

You can't have your cake and eat it too

jail cell

OPINION: The simple way for Arthur Taylor to have the right to vote would be to stay out of jail.

Early voting welcomed


OPINION: The relaxing of early-voting requirements is to be welcomed simply by making the electoral system more voter-friendly.

Pensioner evictions on table

grey power

OPINION: Latest Hamilton public asset sale is a money grab which runs against city's future planning.

Grabbing lunch in Garden Place

Student finds city centre a mixed crowd

	 Garden Place

OPINION: OPINION: Rachael Clarke offers a first-person account of a visit to the centre of Hamilton city.

We're New Zealand's quiet achievers

OPINION: We need to, as a city, learn to overcome our natural Kiwi instincts to hide in the shadow.

Have your say on libraries


OPINION: The public's opinions are being sought on a draft strategic plan for Hamilton's changing public libraries.

Full marks to Hardaker

Julie Hardaker

OPINION: The Hamilton City Council is to be applauded for developing a bylaw to proscribe anti-social and threatening behaviour in the central business district.

Concern over dairy prices

dairy cow

OPINION: This slump in farmers' prospects will adversely affect the rest of the regional economy.

All together now: We love Key!

John Key and David Cunliffe

OPINION: When we visited Petra Paulson of Hamilton, she had her head in a beehive.

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