Housing policy deceptive

OPINION: The Government has acknowledged many state houses are not up to standard and have not been properly maintained.

Parents failed Maadi Cup boys

OPINION: The foundations of the school disciplinary system were shaken last year when the parents of Lucan Battison went to the High Court to challenge his suspension from a college in Hastings because his hair was too long.

Fund worth supporting

OPINION: Waikato regional councillors have unanimously adopted the 2015-2025 Long Term Plan Consultation Document.

Cops still unaccountable

OPINION: The competence of police officers and staff is at the heart of the Road Busters case.

Mum's the word for McDonald in Sydney

Champion jockey won't have to look far to get latest on progress of top Ruakaka mare Rising Romance in Sydney.

Fringe festivals are magical things

OPINION: I'm writing this from a high window overlooking the Pacific Ocean, whipped up by a storm.

Time to stop the perks

OPINION: Prime Minister John Key's plans to curb MPs' pay rises hit a snag last week.

Waikato fares well in development

OPINION: The confluence of a by-election and a spurt of infrastructure-development announcements in Northland inevitably raised questions in Parliament about the timing of National's interest in the backward region.

Despicable 1080 terrorist must be found

OPINION: The perpetrators of the 1080 formula scale must be caught, prosecuted and harshly penalised.

Size of gender pay gap good... or bad?

OPINION: Louise Upston, the Minister for Women, invited those at an International Women's Day breakfast to celebrate New Zealand women's achievements and look forward to where they wanted all women to be.

Ignore loungers, celebrate achievers

OPINION: There they were. I smelt them before I saw them, but I could see them all right.

I spy with my little eye...

OPINION: Call me old-fashioned, but I never thought you told people you were spying on them.

Donations a bit whiffy

OPINION: Nelson-based Talley's, an international exporter of food products, has interests in the seafood, meat, dairy and vegetable sectors.

Art just for intellectuals not really art

OPINION: For the last few weeks, I have been painting a cow.

Should we pay lobbyists?

OPINION: A thorough Government review of the extent of political lobbying with public funding is long overdue.

Peters always entertaining

OPINION: New Zealand First leader Winston Peters disclosed on Waitangi Day he was considering running for the vacant Northland seat at the by-election on March 28.

Close funding loopholes

OPINION: David Parker didn't get far when he asked John Key about Longhua Liu and Liu's $25,000 donation to National candidate Jami-Lee Ross.

Online vileness is modern sport

OPINION: I'm wedded to digital technology but there's a dark side of internet life.

No Iraq vote necessary

OPINION: Not all troop commitments have been put to a vote, and there is no legal requirement for Government to obtain Parliament's consent.

Making the headlines

OPINION: Someone made the suggestion that readers of the news frequently draw their conclusions from the headlines alone.

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