Aussie: I choose Waitangi Day

Angela Cuming (left) with her fellow Aussie Nicola Brennan-Tupara.

OPINION: As the years have gone by NZ has never stopped amazing me, never stopped giving me reasons to be proud.

Posting does not equal fixing

Millennials have redefined compassion from meaning "suffering with" to meaning "I made a post about it."

OPINION: Just how does Oxfam define poverty? Because, if you look closely, it's not how it should be defined.

A Pickard legacy

Hemingway's home in Key West, where he wrote Green Hills of Africa.

OPINION: A treasure trove of Hemingway was made more meaningful given the books' first owner.

Rugby recruiting by schools

Sevu Reece of Waikato in action during the round four Mitre 10 Cup match between Auckland and Waikato at Eden Park on ...

OPINION: Hamilton Boys' High School's recruiting a Fijian to play rugby is part of a trend that needs questioning.

Prolific letter writer loyal to his readers

T.John Marshall has championed the underdog for over 50 years with letters to the editor.

The issues may fade over time but John Marshall will always stand up for what he believes is right.

Runner begins quest for 2020 Olympics

Waikato's Camille Buscomb has started training with a new club in Australia, working towards Commonwealth and Olympic goals.

Opinion: Waikato athlete Camille Buscomb is enjoying her move to the Melbourne Track Club, setting goals for 2020 Olympics.

Why can't the Chiefs behave like adults?

Like it or not, kids use the Chiefs as role models.

OPINION: Tom O'Connor is less than impressed with the new generation of rugby players.

No country for old people

Age Concern gets 2000 notifications of abuse a year.

OPINION: It's shameful the way our society treats its elderly.

Opinion: Did you work on the Lord of the Rings set?

Waikato writer, film-maker Claire Ashton gives readers an insight into New Zealand's movie industry.

Opinion: Waikato writer, film-maker Claire Ashton gives readers an insight into New Zealand's movie industry.

Meth problem needs addressing

Meth has become one of the biggest problems New Zealand has faced since the world wars.

Vigilante action by gangs or self-proclaimed clergymen is not the solution.

What is wrong with us?

Shoplifting, the "five finger discount", cost retailers $350 million in 1990, $580m in 1999 and $800m in 2010.

OPINION: In a welfare state there is absolutely no excuse for theft, writes Peter Dornauf.

Happy New Year?

Fonterra will somehow get the blame for destroying New Zealand’s safe image, along with its clean and green image, and ...

Narelle Henson makes some predictions for 2017 – it's an election year after all, so anything could happen.

Beach beauties still in style

Hamilton high school student and Miss Whangamata winner Paige Beverland, centre, flanked by runners-up Emily O’Connor ...

OPINION: There's nothing wrong with beach beauty pageants, writes Max Christoffersen.

A tumultuous year

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa in Star Wars IV: A New Hope.

OPINION: To paraphrase Muhammad Ali, 2016 was so bad it made medicine sick, writes Richard Swainson.

Time to cap tourist numbers

We are nowhere near ready to cope with the number of tourists who want to come here.

OPINION: We have giardia, bacteria and rock snot in our rivers, and funeral processions of campervans on our summer highways. Enough.

Our unsung heroes

The Queen's Christmas message reminding us that there is value in ordinary people doing extraordinary things, resonated with Richard Swainson.

Beach rules to live by

When visiting our coastal areas, remember you’re a tourist so don’t act like you own the place.

How not to be a douche at the beach, according to Max Christoffersen.

A post-truth world

Brexit contributed to a 2000 percent increase in the use of Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year, ‘‘post-truth’’.

The truth is no longer relevant: in our daily lives we worry more about what feels good than we do about the facts, writes Narelle Henson.

Vintage Read: Room at the Top

Room at the Top, by John Braine, is set in Britain after the end of World War II and chronicles the changing morals of ...

Browsers bookshop owner Rachel Pope found her latest Vintage Read on a list of David Bowie's favourite books.

Just get on with it

Water meters are the latest cause for discontent in the Hamilton City Council chambers.

OPINION: City councillors are morally obliged to support the decision of the majority. Anything less is anarchy and the antithesis of democracy, writes Tom O'Connor.

Around we go again

A question mark still hangs over the fate of Founders Theatre.

OPINION: Hopes and expectations as we move into a new year, with a new council, seem to be already under a cloud, writes Peter Dornauf.

Escaping the asylum

A Christmas-themed projection featuring Mary and baby Jesus has the crowds flocking to Sydney’s St Mary’s Cathedral.

OPINION: Christmas saves us from the insanity of humanity, Narelle Henson writes.

Inner city life

Living in the heart of the city can be great, but it’s not all roses.

OPINION: There is nothing quite like the cacophony of metal upon metal to rouse you from your sleep, Richard Swainson writes.

A last farewell

Out of the blue water jumped a huge escort of dolphins,  like a guard of honour for Chris.

OPINION: Cherish your family and dear friends because they are life’s greatest blessings, writes Denise Irvine.

The gift of hope

Invite lost friends and family into your life. The contact may be enough to break the isolation and bring hope.

OPINION: This Christmas, I have one friend fewer to celebrate the season with, Max Christoffersen writes.

Band-Aid better than nothing

Fishing companies take steps to protect Maui's dolphin.

OPINION: Whether the Maui's dolphin can be saved from extinction remains to be seen, but fishing's attitude change means there is hope for marine conservation.

Actions cut deep

While other councils are giving more prominence to heritage and culture, Hamilton City Council is doing the exact opposite.

OPINION: After four years of service Hamilton's advisory panels have been given the chop.

Kawhia stalwart dies

John Wightman wore many hats in his busy life.

OBITUARY: On hearing a story years later, Whitey Wightman's daughter Sandra Rodgers was proud to say, "That was my dad."

Highs, lows of city life

Performers do the "Time Warp' at the Embassy Park development opening in Hamilton in September.

OPINION: Richard Swainson looks back on Hamilton 2016.

Reckless on the road

Stick to the speed limit and the roads would be much safer.

OPINION: Driving too slow is as much a hazard as driving too fast, writes Max Christoffersen.

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