Hamilton the city of grandiose visionaries

Let's hope Mayor Julie Hardaker's plans for the river fare better than some other visions for the city's future.

Pipe dreams aren't new for Hamilton politicians.

Watching the watchdogs

Accountability is critical for any healthy society.

OPINION: None of us is above being held accountable for our actions - not even the Police.

Opinion: Finally flying the flag for change

he five flags options on display outside a business in Nelson.

Opinion: Let's flag Prince Charles and go our own way.

Obituary: Life spent solving mysteries for New Zealanders

Dr "Whit" Russell, for many years pathologist at Waikato Hospital. He was lead pathologist in the Royal Commission into the July 3 1963 Air New Zealand DC3 crash in the Kaimai ranges. Obit. Whitworth Athol (Whit) Russell, 1918-2015

Obituary: Whit Russell was the man police called to identify dead bodies.

Opinion: Lomu the greatest All Black?

Opinion: Even All Blacks derserve some quiet time.

Opinion: Water safety a casualt of closing schools

Hamilton North, pictured in the air from this photo, will always be home for Max Christofferson.


Why Kiwis need Thanksgiving

Pele Ineleo at today's Thanksgiving dinner, given by the US Embassy at Downtown Community Ministry.

OPINION: It's a good time of year to step back and be thankful for what we do have.

Opinion: Cats the biggest threat to NZ's wildlife

Biologists have long warned that, of all the introduced predators which pose a threat to our indigenous wildlife, birds, lizards and geckos, cats are by far the most lethal.

Opinion: Campaign to control cats puts canine lovers against conservationists.

Opinion: Less time for people 'to get munted'

Opinion: If you really want to fix the mayhem, close Hamilton bars earlier.

Opinion: New Zealand heartland in throes of social death

Inside the Fun Ho National Toy Museum in Inglewood, Taranaki.

Opinion: A trip down memory lane in rural heartland shows how much New Zealand has changed.

Good parents are the real experts on children

Sometimes ordinary parents know much better than the experts.

OPINION: Great parents are the only experts you need when it comes to raising happy, healthy children.

Opinion: World Cup rules must change to develop the sport

Step inside the Delorean and take a ride to see the Rugby World Cup's future.

Opinion: Rugby World Cup must change to develop minow countries.

Opinion: John Key 'lacks the cojones' to deal with Aussies

Has New Zealand Prime Minister John Key failed to deal properly with Australia's immigration laws?

OPINION: Our PM impotent against his Australian political counterparts.

Obituary: Action of NZ's dairy industry is farewelled

David Ludwig Bay, MBE, 1924-2015.

Obituary: A family who worked hard on the land and for others he represented in the dairy industry is farewelled.

Opinion: Cimate change heads to court

University of Waikato law student Sarah Thomson.

Opinion: Young woman's court action against the government will draw international attention.

OPINION: Head along to the Healthy Rivers Road Show

Federated Farmers Morrinsville chairman Stu Husband.

At the time of writing this I am worried a frost is going to hammer my young crop – it is unusually cold and dry with October rainfall half what is considered normal I was told by well known local Maurice Steffert.

OPINION: Knowing the soil is important for modern dairy farmers

Bala Tikkisetty.

Knowing the soil has always been the basis of good farming because the soil is the foundation of the production system.

Opinion: When will the looting stop?

Actor Brad Pitt, as Achilles, in a scene from Troy, released in 2004.

OPINION: Looting, the one constant occupation through the ages.

Review: Blue Stockings excellent theatre

Gaye Poole, director of Blue Stockings.

Early female scholars' tale educates and entertains.

Opinion: King’s Eeyore act fails to impress

OPINION: Hamilton city's wrestles to come up with clear plan for the future.

Opinion: Christmas Island, and how Australia got it right

The infamous Christmas Island detention centre, where 40 Kiwi are being held.

OPINION: When it comes to human rights, the detainees' victims trump the detainees.

Obituary: Dedicated to a life time of caring

Margaret Nicholls with eight-month-old Lily Kennedy.

OBITUARY: Margaret Nicholls was a private person but work tirelessly to promote healthly children.

Opinion: Hamilton band still in its prime 30 years on

Knightshade, just before their gig at Altitude Bar in Hamilton in April 2014

OPINION: Hearing Knightshade perform songs was like being reunited with an old friend.

Opinion: Australia's demolition of Black Caps

Brendon McCullum and Ross Taylor leave the field for tea on day four of the first cricket test between New Zealand and Australia in Brisbane.

OPINION: Rugby's current golden age has come at a cost for the New Zealand cricket team.

Opinion: More info needed on Maui dophin menu

A campaign has been launched  asking New Zealanders to boycott fish caught in gillnets.

OPINION: Please don't take fish and chips off our menu.

Opinion: Women can wear what they want

Is wearing a niqab a way to fight against objectification of women?

Opinion: Should women wear a niqab for feminist reasons?

Opinion: The best things in life aren't free

Protestors march past Downing Street during a protest against education cuts and tuition fees.

OPINION: How valuable is an education? Turns out it depends on how hard it is to get.

Obituary: Businessman made his mark on Waikato

Alex Shum.

OBITUARY: Alexander (Alex) Shum, 1928-2015.

Opinion: Turning the page on rewarding career

Denise Irvine, during the last day at the Waikato Times Foreman Rd office, Avalon, before the move to Hamilton city. One of the many changes during a career at the paper stretching back to the 1960s.

OPINION: Waikato's most respected 'girl reporter' turns the page towards a new chapter in her career.

Opinion: Deer a game animal resource, not pest

Deer were once classified as game animal resource but that was changed to vermin in 1930. The pressure is coming on hunters to adopt better processes to identify their targets.

OPINION: Firearm safety should become part of the national curriculum in New Zealand schools.

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