Bittersweet memories of A&P show

Alpacas, Waikato Winter Show

OPINION: Paul Barlow remembers as a kid going to the Waikato Winter Show - we'd travel over from Pirongia.

Wake-up call mortally disturbing


OPINION: I've always found about 2am to 3am a bad time to wake up at night.

Fiddling with the figures

Bill english

OPINION: Prime Minister John Key, in a recent speech foreshadowing his government's sixth budget, credited Finance Minister Bill English with doing a great job of steering the country through the recession, the global financial crisis and the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquakes.

Here comes the film-maker

48 Hours film-making competition

OPINION: I have to confess, I was somewhat nervous about writing this column.

Abusing voters' trust can be fatal

Louisa Wall

OPINION: Manurewa is revolting. Not in the disgusting sense of the word but in the "throwing off the shackles of oppression" sense of the word.

Parents vary but usually get it right

Up the Garden Path.

OPINION: The few hours at the park provided a reminder, a snapshot - if ever one were needed - of the many different styles of parenting.

The upside of losing

Emirates Team New Zealand

OPINION: Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce is not averse to picking winners.

Does size really matter?

Dirty dairying.

The Waikato Regional Council's environmental policing led to the prosecution of seven dairy farmers for dirty dairying.

Hamilton's lifeless centre

Hamilton's CBD

OPINION: Hamilton's city centre can only be revived if you can convince the public that it's where they want to be.

Study should dig deeper

Shane Jones

Progressive Enterprises copped a bad press last month when Labour MP Shane Jones accused it of threatening to stop stocking Kiwi suppliers' products if they did not make cash payments to recompense the stores for losses suffered last year.

Who can afford marriage?

seven sharp

Has a wedding become something only the rich and famous can afford?

Fluoride return welcome


OPINION: The Hamilton City Council is to be congratulated for deciding to resume fluoridation of the city's water supply.

Turning a blind eye to animal abuse


OPINION: The gratuitous violence meted out to animals at the recent Huntly rodeo was disturbing to witness.

The felling of a forest giant

glorious kauri

OPINION: Sadly iconic forest trees rate much lower in priorities than commercially cultivated trees or vines.

Abortion issue is full of blurry lines

Pregnancy test

OPINION: Here's what gets me: the whole pro-choice, pro-life divide seems to have got itself confused.

Dependants can't be critics


OPINION: According to the Problem Gambling Association, "over $2 billion a year is lost to gambling" and the $40 million gambled in New Zealand casinos in 1995 had burgeoned to almost $510m in 2012.

Creative arts should cultivate city business

hamilton gardens

OPINION: It's far too easy to point a finger for the incorrect perception that Hamilton is a cultural wasteland.

News from the Near Future


OPINION: Joshua Drummond gazes into the black eyes of his painting of Michael Laws and receives terrifying portents and oracles of the future.

Reserve Bank rethink needed

Reserve Bank of New Zealand dollar notes

OPINION: The Government thrives on mocking Opposition politicians who want to change monetary policy.

A gardening klutz's guide to gardening beauty

hamilton gardens

OPINION: Even though I'm not a gardener, I admire other people's work in this department, especially at Hamilton Gardens, which has claimed a piece of my heart.

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