Waist trainers: investing in eating disorders

Kim Kardashian may have single-handedly ignited the waist training trend, with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney quickly getting in on the action.

OPINION: The stomach cinching contraption from a bygone era, the corset, has made a comeback.

The gentlemen's game has feet of clay

NZ Captain Brendon McCullum talks to Mitchell Marsh as he leaves the field on his way back to the dressing room on Monday.

OPINION: Cricket was never, really, the sport of gentlemen.

Doing everything yourself - it's not just a problem for women

Figure out what you can do, and what you can't, then develop a list of trusted tradespeople.

OPINION: The other morning, I was standing in my office with a Phillips screwdriver in my hand, and beside me my printer was purring sweetly, spitting out paper as it went about its business.

Tertiary leaders let Hamilton down

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is running of a platform of free tertiary education in the United States.

OPINION: When both the Labour Party and Bernie Sanders talked about the value of free tertiary education, it was a chance for Waikato's tertiary leaders to step up.

Lack of hard data on TPP comes back to bite

A firebomb failed to ignite in Anne Tolley's Whakatane office after the TPPA was signed in Auckland.

OPINION: In the absence of information, rumour will fill the vacancy.

Waitangi Day: a good outcome for all

The original Treaty of Waitangi document on display at The National Archives.

OPINION: The Treaty of Waitangi, in the end, has proved a cohesive document.

Country's full of grey men in grey suits

Rene Magritte's The Pilgrim - the epitome of the grey-suited man, visually, anyway.

OPINION: Shallow people make shallow decisions.

An educated answer to the national health crisis

Greg Smith, Wintec's Centre for Sport Science and Human Performance director.

OPINION: Wintec's Centre for Sport Science and Human Performance director has a plan to tackle a looming national health crisis.

It's time to put an end to single-sex schools

Same-sex schools are an anachronism.

OPINION: They're a remnant of colonialism.

Student debt political trickery

Ngatokotoru Puna, the nephew of Cook Islands Prime Minister Henry Puna, said he would struggle to pay back the student debt.

OPINION: A degree, or three, is no guarantee of a decent wage.

Waikato Stadium's name sold off for peanuts

Hamilton Mayor Julie Hardaker with FMG chief executive Chris Black at Waikato Stadium, announcing the naming rights in July 2015.

OPINION: The city didn't get anywhere near the $700,000 a year for 10 years for naming rights to the stadium. The ratepayer's been robbed.

Can we really trust those behind the TPP?

Rally-goers gathered for a march against the TPP in August 2015

OPINION: The TPP is being decided by people many of us don't trust.

Censorship makes for strange bedfellows

Burning books ... censorship is censorship, usually.

OPINION: Censorship hasn't changed since Socrates' days.

The Oscars not racist, just narrow-minded

Mad Max: Fury Road has been recognised across multiple categories, but it doesn't stand a chance of winning.

OPINION: The Oscars nominations aren't racist, they're just hampered by narrow-mindedness and the unwritten rules of what wins.

Artificial reefs don't work

A SunLive image of reef material washed ashore at Mauao.

OPINION: So much for grand schemes.

Firearm licensing laws clearly inadequate

A gun should be loaded only when the user is ready to shoot.

OPINION: Anybody who hands a loaded gun over for repair should lose his firearms license. A report by the gun shop owner should be sufficient cause for police to act.

Death is not an egalitarian business

David Bowie in 1992.

Not all the money and fame could assuage the grim reaper.

The beach should be a phone-free zone

Steve Jobs would love that we can't be separated from our phones, even on the bloody beach.

OPINION: I'd like to kill Steve Jobs.

The perfect game for horrible people

Cards Against Humanity ... relies on smutty humour and is loads of fun.

OPINION: Cards Against Humanity was all the rage among the Downton Abbey cast. It's the Donald Trump of home entertainment.

Mind that mobility scooter

A three-wheel mobility scooter looking faster in red. But should it be on a footpath?

OPINION: There are no laws to speak of governing mobility scooters. Maybe there ought to be.

Ferrybank concepts both winners

The Terrace Landings design by Wraight Athfield.

OPINION: Ferrybank plans create a place where everyone would want to spend time.

Car thieves: 'It's not right, is it?'

Aaron Leaman is counting the costs after thieves stole his car from a driveway in Hamilton.

A night-time jaunt in a stolen car by a bunch of teens left one Waikato man counting the cost.

Life's a beach

Sea lettuce is yucky stuff.

I'm in a comfy armchair, a book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, and I'm taking a jot of notice of the grandkids. Ain't life grand?

Buildings embody our history

Historic  Euphrasie House on Clyde Street, Hamilton East.

OPINION: I had a cursory look down the New Year Honours list and noticed that no one from the visual arts, excluding cinematographer Jane Campion, figured in the roll call this year. By contrast, sporting figures were falling over each other.

Thomas Gibbons: Build a better Hamilton city

Hamilton City Transformation Plan.

Opinion: It's time to build a Hamilton city where people can live, work and play.

Dog attacks emphasise change is needed

Owning pit bull-type dogs for companionship should be limited to experts only.

OPINION: The emphasis should be on dog owners, not the dogs.

Finding the meaning of life this Christmas

Christmas is intrinsically linked to what life is all about.

I've been looking into the definition of life for the past few months.  

Christmas rituals have ancient roots

Four-year-old Tenley Hudson's face epitomises the excitement of all children this time of year. She certainly won't care that the jolly fat man stems from a legendary Nordic figure.

OPINION: A stranger performs an act of kindness on the eve of Christmas.

The best and worst of 2015

Ewan Wilson: Many hope Hamilton's own Icarus can fly once again and land safely.

OPINION: Max Christoffersen finds the winners and losers from the past year.

Dealing with weighty issues

Despite fame and accolades, Jonah Lomu remained humble - it's a quality most of us could cultivate.

OPINION: My self-esteem has taken a bit of a battering lately, with unfavourable comments pertaining to my weight.

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