Send the right message and keep Chris Brown out

Chris Brown served time for assaulting his girlfriend Rihanna, then reappeared in court for violating his probation. Allowing him into New Zealand sends the wrong message.

If you want to send a message to kids, keep Chris Brown out of the country.

Water on Mars and life on Earth

The DNA double helix, one of the building blocks that makes up life.

OPINION: Water on Mars isn't half as mysterious as life on Earth.

Student call for Land War day an excellent idea

Otorohanga College students, from left, Rhiannon Magee, Tai Jones and Leah Bell are petitioning for a national day to commemorate the Land Wars. They have more than 10,000 signatures and will march on Parliament in early December.

It's time we remembered the Land Wars properly and marked them with a national day.

NZ roads perfect for reality TV

Mount a camera on the dash and watch the drama unfold.

Speeding New Zealand drivers would make great reality TV, except, perhaps, for the carnage they regularly produce.

Holidaying Hamiltonians head to the Coromandel

The wilds of Waihi Beach.

Waihi Beach is changing. It's not just Hamiltonians any more.

Restructuring – is it worth the pain?

Hamilton City Council CEO Richard Briggs has recently restructured Hamilton 
City Council, not long after Barry Harris did it.

Restructuring seems mainly to be a new manager's method of making his mark. Change management could accomplish the same goals without the pain to staff.

Zookeeper's legacy will live on

It's a cushy life in a zoo, with protection from the planet's top predator: man.

OPINION: I had a dream (closer to a nightmare) the other night that I was attacked by a lion. I'm not sure if there's a Freudian thing going on here, but playing the psychoanalyst, I theorised that it was a product of suppression.

Abortion and the lies we tell


OPINION: Sometimes the biggest lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

Separation of church and state vital

Refugees in Athens, Greece, may be bringing their concept of an intertwined church and state with them.

OPINION: The refugees fleeing in their millions have never participated in a Western-style democracy that separates church and state.

Refugees re-enacting history of centuries ago

Refugees in Athens, Greece. Are they simply transporting their fundamental problem, the lack of separation of church and state?

OPINION: Muslim countries recreate conditions last seen 500 years ago.

Last Cab to Darwin not the real story of voluntary euthanasia

Michael Caton in Last Cab to Darwin, a much nicer story than the real-life story it is based on.

OPINION: The real story behind the fictionalised Last Cab to Darwin is nowhere near as pleasing as the film's portrayal.

Bogans TV show a waste of taxpayer money

The Bogans television show.

OPINION: This Thursday night, another $32,190 of taxpayer money will be spent on what  can only be described as a TV travesty. 

Like it or not, the world is split between East and West

A dinghy overcrowded with migrants and refugees drifts out of control after its engine broke while crossing a part of the Aegean Sea from Turkey to the Greek island of Lesbos on September 20.

OPINION: Such dichotomies, it’s argued, often (perhaps always) put a premium on one side of the divide while marginalising the other. That’s a no-no in a world where equality is the standard and where polarities and inequalities have historically been bestowed along these traditional divides that bear fruit in prejudice.

Let's become a republic, and then we'll need a new flag

The current flag reflects where we've been.

In spite of opposition from across the country, the process to consider an alternative to the present national flag will carry on through a two-step referendum. The first is a choice between four alternative designs by the end of 2015, and the most popular of these will go up against the current flag in April next year.

New worlds, old worlds and finding something different

Interstellar was made hand-in-hand with one of astrophysics' most acclaimed scientists, Kip Thorne.

OPINION:  It seems no matter how far out into the universe we let our imaginations soar, they always come back with something very familiar: friends or enemies, beautiful creatures or ugly ones, peace or war.

Should you move or extend?

Extending your home is a big decision. Renovation expert Martin Fleetwood answers some of the most commonly asked questions.

OPINION: One of the most frequent questions we get asked is whether or not someone is doing the right thing by extending their home.

At least there's now a plan

The Transformation Plan divides the city into three distinct centres. The maroon area is the entertainment district, the gold the CBD and the blue a zone to encourage residential development.

OPINION: Whatever we might say, whatever jokes we might make about the parlous state of Hamilton's CBD, it is important to us.  That's why Geoff Taylor likes Mayor Julie Hardaker's transformation plan.

Rugby's getting too big for its boots

Despite all the hype, rugby isn't filling the stands any more.

OPINION: No populous nation in the world cares about rugby. This is not a world sport.

Religious right now holding censorship reins in banning of Into the River

Author Ted Dawe with a copy of his banned book, Into the River.

OPINION: Richard Swainson examines just how meaningful banning a book is in the age of Google.

Sport is the new religion

Lisa Carrington: the goddess who walks on water.

OPINION: Sport in our own time (it's a truism) has become the opium of the people, particularly in this little island nation.

Honouring a life of service to others

This week, the Queen  became the longest-serving monarch in British history.

OPINION:  At a very inauspicious time on a very inauspicious day this week, something rather auspicious occurred.

There are wider issues concerning our acceptance of Syrian refugees

The current refugee crisis is seeing the largest displacement of people since World War II.

OPINION: We must consider the effect these people's culture might have on New Zealand's largely secular population.

Lament for the lost childhoods

Refugee child Alyan Kurdi is carried from the beach in Turkey where his body was found.

OPINION: Denise Irvine mourns the death of the boy in the red T-shirt, and untold others like him.

We like stick girl Tracey

A Waikato Civil Defence weather tweet

OPINION: PR is finally showing it can do its job, at least at Waikato Civil Defence.

Offence is the great currency of the age

Pretty Ricky performing in Christchurch on September 1.

OPINION: Richard Swainson is tired of the strident voices proclaiming to be offended.

There's no need for a new New Zealand flag

New Zealand's first flag: The United Tribes of New Zealand, which was internationally recognised from its adoption in 1834 until the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840, when British law was introduced and the Union Jack took its place.

OPINION: A new flag was always a bad idea.

Refugees, friends and enemies

Syrian refugees arrive on a dinghy at the Greek island of Kos.

OPINION: If there's one time in life when it is easy to love your enemy, it's when he is reaching out his hand to help you.

A life without credit cards

Reporter Rachel Thomas is averse to credit cards.

OPINION: To me, credit cards are tiny plastic reminders you've spent money you don't have.

Internet addiction is real and withdrawal is tough

The internet is down! Ohmigod! What will I do?

OPINION: It all started with a slow afternoon online.

Clarinetist John West, of Art Gecko, dies

John West, of Art Gecko, died on Monday.

OPINION: Richard Swainson remembers a kind, talented man.

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