NZ Rugby's annus horribilis

Despite the All Blacks world-beating form, New Zealand Rugby’s glory days are coming to an end.

OPINION: It started with the Chiefs and stripper-gate, writes Max Christoffersen. And then it just kept getting worse for NZ Rugby.

Power of the press

The press failed to predict Brexit or Donald Trump's "shock" win.

OPINION: Trump, Brexit – the media's been off the mark with the big stuff lately but, as Richard Swainson recently discovered, it's the small things like missing mail that seem to matter most to readers.

Why I'm not a feminist

Far from making her feel like a superhero, Narelle Henson says modern feminism is sexist and disempowering.

OPINION: Modern feminism seems to rely on making women feel like the hapless victims of men, writes Narelle Henson, so she's turning her back on the movement.

A man of gentleness and humility

Terry Flanagan's family remember him as supportive, fun and a little bit mischief.

OBITUARY: "His attributes as a great man were infectious – following every encounter with him I would come away with the motivation to be a better person myself."

Bonfire of the vanities

A collection of punk memorabilia belonging to Joe Corre is burnt on a boat on the River Thames, in London this week. He ...

Opinion: The last thing anyone true to a rebel cause wants is to become ordinary.

All drivers equal under law

Revenue gathering is a knee-jerk reaction to speeding fines, argues Tom O'Connor.

OPINION: Macho stupidity of speeders puts everyone at risk.

Data kill switch

Waikato University's Dr Ryan Ko is leading a team of computer scientists working on a way to protect our privacy online.

OPINION: Once we upload something onto Facebook or Dropbox, we lose control over the fate of our data, but Dr Ryan Ko is leading a team working on a solution.

Museum 'glorified showhome'

At the moment the Waikato Museum relies on gifts and bequests to increase its collection.

OPINION: Waikato Museum lacks the budget to do its job properly, writes Peter Dornauf, and it's not good enough.

Vintage Read: The Maltese Falcon

The 1941 film noir classic starred Humphrey Bogart, left, as Sam Spade.

Rachel Pope of Browsers Bookshop in Hamilton plucks a hard-bitten crime detective novel from her shelves and finds a slice of American history while she's at it.

White Ribbon Day

Show that you support the White Ribbon Day message and get your bumper sticker.

OPINION: A healthy relationship is a beautiful thing to behold, writes Narelle Henson, and that's what What Ribbon Day is really about.

Let's start afresh

Many unanswered questions still remain over Hamilton’s V8s debacle.

OPINION: Lack of voter engagement is not the problem, a dysfunctional local body system is, writes Max Christoffersen..

A little shook up

It was pretty much business as usual in Hamilton after last week’s quake.

OPINION: Many Hamiltonians did feel it when the Kaikoura earthquake struck, but the city got off very lightly, Richard Swainson writes.

Let's be careful out there

210714:NOL:Rachel Macdonald:Road worker Jason Boyle - people are still driving through roadworks too fast

OPINION: As the weather heats up, so too does the construction and surfacing activity on our roads, writes Kerry Watkins.

Seeing and believing

John Key with Mark Zuckerberg  in 2011. The prime minister met the founder of Facebook recently to challenge him for the ...

Opinion: There's a reason why responsible media vet their content and contest what's doubtful before publishing

Newspapers deliver

When disaster strikes, the power and internet are knocked out and people are desperate for news, newspapers deliver as ...

OPINION: While television, social media and blog sites can provide instant coverage of major events, none can match the ability of experienced, professional print journalists to convey in depth local news on a daily basis, writes Tom O'Connor.

Don't double dip

It takes a lot for doctors to down tools, so this is serious stuff. Something is not right on the wards, or more ...

OPINION: It takes a lot for doctors to down tools, writes Peter Dornauf, so something is not right on the wards.

Are you ready for the big one?

Some of the contents of  Becky Dodunski's emergency kit, including face masks in case Mt Taranaki blows its top.

OPINION: The quake reminds us we need to be prepared, writes Max Christoffersen, who would rather lose a night's sleep to a false alarm than lose his life for lack of a tsunami warning system.

Pocket-sized activist

Nola Edmonds "will be remembered by thousands as the tiny, elegant Maori warden who patrolled late nights in downtown ...

OBITUARY: Nola Kathleen Edmonds (Kāti Mamoe, Ngāti Mahuta) November 19, 1934 – October 18, 2016

World turned upside down

"Did Leonard Cohen shuffle off this mortal coil in response to the election of Donald Trump?"

OPINION: Fifty-one percent of white American women ticked the Trump box. In a dramatic two weeks this is the most startling statistic of all, Richard Swainson writes.

Future bright for Hamilton

Local government is about city building – and making it so people want to live, work and play within its boundaries.

OPINION: Local government is about a lot more than rubbish collection and berm mowing, Jacob Quin and Megan Campbell write.

Counting out blessings

Josh Tomlinson-Nott, Tyler Fifield, Michael Kerr and Anna Archie kept busy making up food and water packages destined ...

OPINION: Kiwis have such generous hearts and when disasters strike we see it most clearly, writes Narelle Henson.

For our children's sake

Ministry of Health figures show that 100,000 Kiwi children are considered to be obese and around half of them live in ...

OPINION: If we can impose restrictions on the sale of alcohol and tobacco to safeguard children, we can do the same with other unhealthy products, writes Tom O'Connor.

Disturbing trend emerges

Waikato University, home, one would have thought, of all of things intellectual and cultural.

OPINION: The world of academia seems to have lost its way, writes Peter Dornauf.

Trump could happen here

US President-elect Donald Trump on election night in Manhattan, New York.

OPINION: After years of being belittled and told what to think, Americans have spoken, writes Narelle Henson. And she believes it could happen here, too.

Self-made man's legacy

Around 650 people attended Dick Wymer's funeral at the Hamilton Gardens. He is pictured here with wife Marie.

OBITUARY: Richard Nelson Wymer (Dick) August 13, 1933 – September 15, 2016

Drain the swamp!

If no one turned up to council meetings for three years would we be any worse off, would anything stop working, would ...

OPINION: Max Christoffersen is calling it quits, he's going cold turkey and, this time, he means it.

Missing mail mystery

Turns out if you live or work on the first floor or above, NZ Post is not obliged to climb the stairs to deliver your ...

OPINION: When 10 years of excellent service came to an abrupt halt, Richard Swainson was surprised to learn his first-floor address meant the postie was not obliged to deliver his mail.

Time now to deliver on promises for the region

Alan Livingstone, the new chairman of the Waikato Regional Council.

Opinion: The new chairman of the Waikato Regional Council says it's time to deliver on promises.

Top man for the job

Wellington economist Gareth Morgan on a biking expedition in Egypt. He rode into the launch of his political party on a ...

Opinion: Other rich men have put their hat in the political ring, but Gareth Morgan is different - he has policies.

Road toll ‘black spot’

Fifteen people were killed on New Zealand roads in the past week.

OPINION: As the holiday season approaches, drastic action is needed to prevent more needless deaths on the road, writes Tom O'Connor.

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