It's our turn to fix this

A medical school backed by Waikato Hospital, pictured, and Waikato University  seeks to train GPs to fill a critical ...

OPINION: The old boys have failed to fix New Zealand's doctor shortage, now it's our turn.

Leave Garden Place alone

As more people move into Hamilton central city to live, these open spaces become more important as public amenities.

OPINION: It's time to have a conversation about how cars fit in with plans for a modern and vibrant city, writes Rowena Hay and Aaron Wong.

Quit the hysteria

Hamilton got off lightly when Cyclone Cook came to town.

OPINION: Since the twin weather bombs did their worst, attention has shifted to Hamilton’s earthquake risk, writes Richard Swainson.

Sanctity of marriage

Married at First Sight couples are matched by experts before they meet at the altar. They then have a month to decide ...

OPINION: Television is little more than a mirror reflecting back at us, with dreadful accuracy, who we really are, writes Narelle Henson.

Life was an adventure

Mike Leach had an incredible thirst for knowledge which stood him in good stead as a school teacher.

OBITUARY: Mike Leach had an incredible thirst for knowledge which stood him in good stead as a school teacher.

Rugby must cough up

Rugby sevens is not sport. It’s a booze fest. And ratepayers should not have to foot the bill.

OPINION: Rugby has created a financial rod for its own back by going professional and now the financial house of cards is falling in on itself, writes Max Christoffersen.

Time of the month

'Mum kept me home' – Kiwi girls missing school because they can't afford sanitary products

OPINION: Any man who claims he has not suffered from the effects of the female menstrual cycle is either genuinely celibate or has not been married long enough, Tom O'Connor writes.

Debrief likely on flood protection

Paddocks were underwater after the Piako River breached its banks.

OPINION: Financial impact of weather event yet to be felt.

Truth not dead

Euphrasie House has been demolished, despite efforts to save it.

OPINION: Honesty, transparency and fairness are paramount when it comes to matters that strike at the heart of democracy and public confidence, Peter Dornauf writes.

Long way home

Hamilton is expanding and you only need to try to take a quick trip across town to realise the city’s roads aren't coping.

OPINION: Hamilton is expanding, stretching and you only need to try to take a quick trip across town to realise the city’s roads are not coping, writes Max Christoffersen.

Culture debate

Culture is a complicating factor when looking at immigration.

OPINION: When immigrants are no threat to our own jobs, we don't have a problem with them, writes Narelle Henson.

Wedding speech to remember

John Clarke as the ubiquitous Fred Dagg.

OPINION: John Clarke gave us political and social satire as never heard before, and he wrote an original Fred Dagg monologue for Richard Swainson's wedding.

Always a businessman

‘‘You ring, we bring’’ was the slogan of Tom Waite’s fizzy drink business.

OBITUARY: Tom V Waite November 12, 1924 - March 31, 2017

Research identifies bat colonies

NZTA project manager Matt Fairweather.

OPINION: The team building the Hamilton section of the Waikato Expressway go to great lengths to check on bats, project manager Matt Fairweather writes.

Vineyard's focus on environment

Sir George Fistonich at the Villa Maria Winery.

OPINION: Sheep wander the grape-less vines of Villa Maria vineyards.

Hat police sour day

It was a case of hat off or else when Peter Dornauf bowled up for lunch at the Citizens Club in Tauranga recently.

OPINION: Peter Dornauf puts his foot down and keeps his hat on.

Lack of human dignity

No inmate should be kept locked in cells for 26 hours.

OPINION: The report on the 2013 riot at the Spring Hill Prison has highlighted a classic example of how not to treat prisoners, writes Tom O'Connor.

Ashby's journey ends

Dyslexia never stopped Barry Ashby from writing many letters to the editor in defence of  animals, democracy and free ...

OBITUARY: At the time of his death, Barry Ashby had written an estimated 1200 letters to a string of editors.

Feral behaviour

Conveniences are not always close at hand when nature calls . . . and then there are those who just don't give a toss.

OPINION: Answering the call of nature took a turn for the worse in Hamilton last week, writes Richard Swainson.

We all want to believe

In this 1994 photo, once world-renowned psychic and spoon bender Uri Geller  poses with his Cadillac and 5000 bent spoons.

OPINION: Spoon bending, psychics, magic water – the mind is a powerful thing, writes Max Christoffersen, who admits he was a believer – when he was 11.

Snake-oil merchants

Te Kiri Gold water, selling at $100 a 2-litre bottle, turns out to be little different to water with a touch of common ...

OPINION: It is a very simple tactic to say something is not really a medicine but it will make ill people feel better to ensure that at least some desperately ill people will pay to try it, writes Tom O'Connor.

Trek of discovery at 1818m above sea

Runner Camille Buscomb competing at the New Zealand Track and Field Championships held in Hamilton in March. Buscomb ...

OPINION: Mount Laguna training camp offers trail of discovery for body and mind.

Strange logic

Actors Uelese Petaia, Frankie Adams and film director and Waikato University alumnus Tusi Tamasese attend the One ...

OPINION: Academics are once again getting it in the Arts & Social Science at Waikato University, Richard Swainson writes.

A life full of music

Barbara Smith, front and centre, as musical director of the Waikato Rivertones, just one of many musical groups she was ...

OBITUARY: Barbara Smith's love of music touched people wherever she went.

Stretched to breaking point

Hamilton police keeping a watch in the city during O-Week in February.

OPINION: Hamilton city cops are doing it tough, writes Max Christoffersen, who wonders how long they can stay motivated when the odds seem stacked against them.

Hate speech threat

Human Rights Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy would like to see tougher hate speech laws.

OPINION: Free speech is worth protecting – even if we do have to put up with the odd horrible person saying awful things, writes Narelle Henson.

Listen and learn

In the first years of life, children pick up any language put in front of them on a regular basis.

OPINION: Between 6 to 8 months of age, babies are citizens of the world as far as languages go, writes Dr Sabine Seehagen.

Whio back from brink

A whio or blue duck perches on a rock in the Mangatepopo River, Ruahine Forest Park.

OPINION: Whio, the native blue duck, is our only true torrent duck and found nowhere else in the world. We must back all efforts to save them, writes Tom O'Connor.

Street art rejuvenates

Artist Paul Be created this mural in Hamilton's CBD.

OPINION: Hamilton is blooming with bold, brightly coloured graphic images thanks to street art festival BOON, Peter Dornauf writes.

Oh the humanities

Job cuts are in the pipeline at Waikato University.

OPINION: Humanities and social science are central to a university's role in society, writes Richard Swainson.

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